About Jaunt Monkey

Welcome to Jaunt Monkey!

Well, Jaunt Monkeys would have been perfect as we are two + two. Though we started our journeys as a couple, in the due course we multiplied into four.
We are Jey and Key with our daughters Ka and Ra. Together we make a good company for our travels. We love to travel because… we love to travel! It’s tough to say a single reason for our travels. That explains our blog as a mixture of destinations, food, people, wildlife, landscape, hotels, and everything that come across our journeys.

About Us

When we started out to live as a couple, we also began to explore our passion for travel. We always tried to mix a perfect blend between our professional life and wanderlust. When our job compelled us to be in some of the most difficult places on earth like Somalia, we were happy to see the least visited countries and experience their undiluted cultural values.

Our professional qualification in Business Administration helped us to groom a career in business consultation. We helped over hundred entrepreneurs from nine different countries in taking their business to the heights of success. Each time we traveled for a business discussion, we made sure to taste the local delicacies and experience the local culture. Key’s interest and attachment to the consultancy career earns us projects, and of course, a living.

Jey enjoys penning down our stories, but the ugly truth is his laziness that slows him down. Yet he could complete a novel and publish it through Frog Publications – the Afflictions of Love. His second novel (yet to publish) – Our Days in Somalia, is purely a fiction inspired from our experiences in the ‘Horn of Africa’.

Jaunt Monkey is our efforts to take our travels to you in a blog format. We are new here in the planet of blogging, but determined to stay and share what we have for you.

Jaunt Monkey: Jey & Key in Uganda (2008)
Jey & Key in Uganda (2008)

A Bit More…

1. Countries we have been?

We had been to a few countries while we desire to travel and explore the whole world. Every travel is unique and we love to live our travels. The countries we have been to include,

Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates


Enjoying Tej (a local drink) in Ethiopia
Jey Enjoying Tej (a local drink) in Ethiopia

Sure, we haven’t started writing even a word about many of these places yet. Some of our trips were photoless (though we enjoyed our journeys, we couldn’t take snaps. Those journeys were commenced much before our first point and shoot camera). Stay tuned, from today (1st June, 2017) we are going to post at least one story (either from our past travels or from our current travels) every day on Jaunt Monkey.

2. Our dream destination

The stories of Japan always fascinated Jey a lot. For Jey, his dream destination is Japan. However, for Key, the entire Europe is a fascination.

3. Local food that we love to taste again

Thukpa – It is a Tibetian Noodle Soup. The food was originated in the eastern part of Tibet and is popular throughout the country. Jey tasted Thukpa from Kathmandu in Nepal and he loves to enjoy the food again. However, Key is always a lover of fish delicacies. The flavour that captured her taste buds was from the popular Bangladeshi dish – Bhapa Ilish. Key won’t miss an opportunity to taste this cuisine another time.

4. Weird food that we couldn’t avoid

Raw meat with Berbere. Jey tried this dish while attending a wedding ceremony in Ethiopia. Berbere is a powdered mixture of dried chili, dried garlic, coriander, ginger, and other spices.

5. A weird food that we could avoid

Roasted crickets from Uganda.

6. Our most favorite destinations (among those we have traveled)

Maldives. Jey enjoyed the serene waters and the white sand beaches of the resort islands in Maldives.

Key loves the originality of Africa. She still dreams to have a long stay in Uganda to explore the wildlife, nature, and the culture of this landlocked country.

8. Travel bloggers that we admire

Mark Wiens and his blog Migrationology influenced us a lot in starting a blog ourselves. The other two travel bloggers we always admire are Johnny Jet and Nomadic Matt. We have included (in our blog) a list of travel bloggers that we suggest a travel enthusiast must follow.

There are a lot more to share about us and about Jaunt Monkey, but you will know everything as you go through the blog and its content.