Bangladesh Travel Guide

Romancing with India like a newly wed bride, Bangladesh hosts one of the planet’s greatest deltas. Once the country that was rarely considered as a tourist destination, today Bangladesh has grown to attract travelers from all over the world. The cities that remain untouched by the western cultures can be chaotic, but remember, this small country has packed a lot of details in to its too little area. Find every detail in Jaunt Monkey’s Bangladesh travel guide.

Start discovering Bangladesh with Jaunt Monkey’s travel guide to learn about Bangladesh and its unique tourist destinations. Our Bangladesh travel guide is meant to help you explore the countries varied attractions. The major attractions of Bangladesh, how to reach Bangladesh, where to stay in Bangladesh, and many more are explained here.

♦ Bangladesh is a country visited by Jey & Key

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Bangladesh Travel Guide

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Basics: Bangladesh Travel Guide

Capital of Bangladesh: Dhaka

Currency: Bangladeshi Taka

Largest city: Dhaka

National language(s): Bengali

Major tourist places in Bangladesh: Sundarbans, S. Martin’s Islands, Dhaka, Somapura Mahavira, Jaflong, Lawachara National Park, and many more

Best time to visit Bangladesh: October to March is considered the best time to visit Bangladesh