Egypt Travel Guide

Egypt, crisscrossed between North East Africa and Middle East, is a gem of historical collections. One of this oldest civilizations on our planet bestows pyramids and ancient temples for its travelers. When it comes to tourism in Egypt, it is not one one of the major source of income that is crucial to Egypt’s Economy, it is also a reason that the people see this country in the way it is. Jaunt Monkey’s Egypt travel guide narrates a few major attractions, travel tips, and travel advises to the home of the ancient Pharaohs.

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Ancient Temples of Egypt

The Land of Pyramids | Jaunt Monkey’s Egypt Tourism Guide

Better known as the land of pyramids and sphinxes, Egypt is a truly amazing country with regard to the people, ...
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Basics: Egypt Travel Guide

Capital of Egypt: Cairo

Currency: Egyptian pound

Largest city: Cairo

National language(s): Modern Standard Arabic is the official language, but Egyptian Arabic is the most commonly used language.

Major destinations of Egypt: Cariro, Giza, Aswan, Marsa Alam, Luxor, Taba, Siwa Oasis, Lake Nasser, Hurghada, Alexandria. 

Best time to visit Egypt: Egypt can be visited during any month in the year. However, summer can be a bit hotter.