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At Jaunt Monkey we travel through the roughest patches and we eat almost everything that can please of taste buds. Here’s our collection of videos that showcases our travel and food experiences.

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Interesting things to do in Kovalam

5 Interesting Things to Do In Kovalam

5 Interesting Things to do in Kovalam: Kovalam, one of the major tourist destinations in Kerala since early 20th century ...
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Clusters of grapes, in the vineyards of Cumbum

Cumbum Vineyards

Cumbum is a beautiful town of Tamil Nadu bordering to Kerala. Among the few places where grapes are grown in ...
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African Dances

Two Different African Dances

Africa is a continent of cultural diversities. Socially, dances play an important role in African communities. While some of these ...
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Marine Drive Kochi - Travel Video

Marine Drive Kochi Travel Video

We all have expectations… be it from our friends or from our work. The destinations that we plan to hunt ...
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Murchison Falls Uganda - Waterfalls Video

African Safari Movie | Uganda African Safari Video at Murchison Falls

African Safari Movie makes Jaunt Monkey’s Uganda African Safari Video and Murchison Falls Video at Murchison Falls National Park in ...
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Chicken Sizzler from 20 Feet High in Bangalore

A Taste of Chicken Sizzler in Bangalore | Jaunt Monkey Food Video

Bangalore Chicken Sizzler Video: Banglore is a city of happenings. You will find plenty of restaurants, cafe’ and street food ...
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Meghalaya Lunch

Lunch at Asia’s Cleanest Village | A Food Video From Meghalaya

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Mawlynnong is much regarded as the Asia’s Cleanest Village, but we were there during our ...
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Malud Breakfast

Assorted Breakfast in Orissa as We Drive Through Malud

Malud, an unexplored and naturally preserved village in Orissa thrilled us with its splendid landscape and a delicious breakfast. Watch ...
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Taste of Thukpa

Tibetan Thukpa @ Fort Kochi

Thukpa is a variant of noodle soup originated from Eastern Tibet. Though I had a taste of Thukpa from Nepal, ...
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We have officially launched our Jaunt Monkey Travel channel on 1st July, 2017. As per the current plan, we will be publishing a food video on every Tuesday and a travel video on every Friday. Please visit and subscribe to our channel.