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10 Things to Know About Spiti: Spiti is a whole new different world. When you will visit this timeless space it feels like you have entered a whole new level of nature. It is like a time travel. The roads are rugged, the villages are quaint, the lakes reflect sparkles and travellers stay in homestay. Along with this, Spiti is full of beautiful monasteries, old bridges and Tibetan vibes. Spiti is also known as the “Middle Land” because it lies right in the middle of India and Tibet, on the Indian Border.

Spiti is rich with culture and no matter how long you spend here; you will never learn everything about it.

There are two ways to reach Spiti, one from Manali and other from Reckong Peo. The roads of Manali are open during specific times only but, which is from Mid June to Mid October. Due to heavy snowfall the roads get blocked as well as the route to Chandratal Lake.

While Spiti and Manali are gaining attention from the young travellers, there are some least explored locations such as Dawki in Northeast India.

But if you want to visit Spiti during the months of October to June then you can opt for the Reckong Peo route. Kinnaur is really beautiful as well and visiting both the places at the same time is indeed an experience in itself. Also, the plus point of this route is, it gradually reaches a height hence it gives time to travellers to get acclimatized.

Kee Monastery | Things to know about Spiti
Kee Monastery | Things to know about Spiti

Below, I am writing some interesting facts that you need to know about Spiti –

1. Spiti has the World’s Highest Motorable Village

Spiti is famous for a lot many thins but one of the most primnent one is it comprises of the world’s highest motorable village. The name of the village is Komic and it lies at the altitude of 15,027 feet above the seal level.

Komic is also famous for its natural fossils and also has a beautiful monastery. From here, you can also hike to several other villages.

Further, you can reach Komic only by driving on your own or hiring a taxi as there are public transport to reach to this place. Reaching here will take about half an hour to one hour. It is about 20 kms from Kaza.

2. Spiti has the Highest World’s Post Office

Hikkim village in Spiti has the world’s highest post office. It lies at an altitude of 14,567 feet above the se level. The village is really quaint and beautiful.

Travellers usually send postcards from here to their loved ones which is really a special feeling, to get a postcard from the world’s highest post office.

Hikkim can be covered along with Komic only and mostly the stretch of Langza, Hikkim and Komic are covered together. To reach here either tou have to self drive or hire a taxi since there are no buses to reach this place.

However, there is a bus that runs twice a week if you are looking for economical options. You can check the bus schedule from Kaza bus stand itself.

Langza | Things to know about Spiti
Langza | Things to know about Spiti

3. A Restricted Place to Visit

As said earlier, Spiti is known as the ‘Middle Land’ since it lies on the India border. It is one of the most protected land masses due to the sensitivity. In fact the network issue is a constant here. What if I tell you traveling to this place before 1993 was restricted? Yes!

After 1993, government allowed traveller to visit this place. This made the place accessible to the outsiders and to some of the foreigners. Although, even more foreigners have to register with ITBP if they want to visit this place.

4. Spiti is a 13,800 square kilometres of untamed land

Yep! 13,800 quae kilometres. And it is untouched and untamed making the place really beautiful and breath-taking.

Spiti lies at an altitude of 12,500 feet above the sea level and one can certainly find peace here due to less commercialization and clean weather. The view keeps changing as you move from one place to another making it all the more a serene place.

Nako, Kinnaur | Things to know about Spiti
Nako, Kinnaur | Things to know about Spiti

5. Ever Changing Temperature and Full of Adventures

Spiti’s temperature is very unpredictable. When I went to this place in May, it started to snow heavily that there was nothing to see but plain mass of white. The winters in Spiti gets very harsh. The roads from Manali side gets blocked. But many toursists come in winter season to see the snow leopard that can be spotted in the village called Kibber.

There are special tourists programs organised by many tour agencies that take people on a safari to spot the snow leopard.

Apart from this, you can do adventure sports like rafting here, which is really thrilling and one of the must experiences considering the weather itself is challenging.

You can also do yak safari as well here. Yaks are treated as a family member in Spiti and for some families it is also a bread earner.

6. Go Out and Shoot the Milky Way

Spiti is also known for its star trails. The weather here is so clean and pure that one can see the milky way from its capital city as well – Kaza. Many astro photographers come here to shoot the night sky especially.
If you want to see the milky way, it would be better to come to this place during the clear weather. Langza offers a spectacular view of milky way as well with the Budha statue right underneath.

7. The Famous Pin Valley

This place is also known as the Pin Valley National park which was established in 1987. Due to the high altitude the vegetation here is close to non. There are several villages in a distance where the last one is called Mudh. The population of each village is really small.

It is 675 square kilometres and one can found several species here – snow leopard being the most famous. Apart from snow leopard, you can also spot lbex, Red Fox, Weasel, Snow Cock, Bearded Vulture, Golden Eagle, and Himalayan Chough.

Having these rare animals making the place even more quaint and interesting.

Pin Valley | Things to know about Spiti
Pin Valley | Things to know about Spiti

8. Monasteries as old as 996 AD.

As you will enter Spiti the first thing you will notice about this place is there are many beautiful monasteries etched in several villages. The speciality of these monasteries is that they are very old and some of them are as old as 996 AD.

The monastery in Tabo is the oldest and several efforts were made to revive it. In fact the monasteries in Nako and Dhankar Village is also said to date back to 998 AD. itself. If you are in Spiti, do not miss the Kee Monastery but.

9. Plenty of Homestays

In Spiti one of the must experiences is to stay in a homestay. Spiti has several of them and they offer a very homely vibe. By staying here, you can also learn a lot about Spiti culture and what all people do for a living. Most of the homestays can be found in places like Langza, Komic, Hikkim and Kibber.

10. Dozens of Lakes Amidst the Valley

Spiti is also famous to have several lakes hidden amidst the valley. The most famous one is Chandrataal lake, followed by Dhankar lake.

Remember that you cannot go to Chandrataal lake when the roads to Manali is blocked as a lot of snow gets accumulated here. To reach the Dhankar lake you have to hike for half an hour from Dhanakr Village.

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