5 Interesting Things to Do In Kovalam

5 Interesting Things to do in Kovalam: Kovalam, one of the major tourist destinations in Kerala since early 20th century is close to the capital city Trivandrum. This superb beach destination of Kerala was once a popular hangout for Europeans. The video demonstrates 5 interesting things to do in Kovalam when you are on a vacation to this South Indian Beach.

5 Amazing Things to Do in Kovalam

If you ask me to rank the things to do in Kovalam based on my preferences, I would do it as below:

#1 Beach Hoping at Kovalam

Kovalam is gifted with three beautiful crescent beaches. The beaches being close to each other, one can walk from one beach to the other. I would recommend you to consider this as the first among my selected things to do in Kovalam. Start before the sunrises in the east, but walk on the western coastal sands to browse and surf the beauty of Arabian Sea.

#2 Water sports in Arabian Sea

Kovalam also offers a chance for the guests to enjoy speed boating, bathing, and scuba diving. I had a wonderful experience with Bond Safari when I decided to go for scuba diving. I was a first timer for this activity, but was so cozy as my trainers there gave me the right instructions and confidence. During my 45 minutes underwater experience I enjoyed exploring the lesser known worlds of the blue ocean.

#3 Get an Aerial View of the Kovalam Beach From The Lighthouse

The lighthouse is another important spot that you must not miss while visiting this beach destination of Kerala. Enjoying an aerial view of the entire beach length is obviously an interesting thing to do in Kovalam. The lighthouse is at a reachable distance from the lighthouse beach of Kovalam and has an entry fee of Rs. 20.00.

#4 Get to Know Some of the Fish Species by visiting Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium

Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium though is a smaller one when comparing to some of the biggest aquariums in India, it also has a wonderful collection of marine life. If you are visiting Kovalam with your kids, this place is a must, and they can easily be entertained with the colors of sea life.

#5 Do Not Forget to Taste Some Exotic Seafood

On the seashores of Arabian Sea, Kovalam has some of the luscious seafood varieties. While prawns, lobsters, crabs, and squids are just a few among the major items on the menu, you may try them in authentic Kerala style, Chinese style, North Indian style, or Arabian style.

While these are just 5 interesting things to do in Kovalam, you can also mention some of your favorite things in the comments below (if you have already been to this beautiful destination in Kerala).

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