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Foamy white waterfalls amidst rocky terrain, surrounded by shrubs and greens capable of healing your body and soul! That is Hogenakkal summed up in a sentence. One of the finest places to visit in India, Hogenakkal is a destination that enchants visitors with majestic views of waterfalls. So much that it resembles a mini Niagara. Let us explore about the places to visit in Hogenakkal.

Where is Hogenakkal located?

Hogenakkal is located in Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu, in the southern part of India. The falls are located on the western part of Dharmapuri where it borders with Karnataka.

Tourist places to visit in Hogenakkal

Abundant natural beauty is the first thing that deserves to be told about Hogenakkal. A perfect place to unwind and relax, with the music of flowing waters playing in your ears!

Hogenakkal Falls in Tamil Nadu
Hogenakkal Falls in Tamil Nadu
  1. Hogenakkal Falls: The first and foremost among Hogenakkal tourism attractions is the amazing waterfall. Cauveri River breaks up into several small streams before making the mighty fall from the rocks. The word Hogenakkal means smoking rocks. The unique carbonite rocks look as though they throw up smoke when water falls on them. It simply takes your breath away to watch the gushing waters, especially in monsoons.

  2. Melagiri Hills: These hills are one of the best places to visit in Hogenakkal. It is the place where Eastern and Western Ghats merge into one. What awesome beauty awaits visitors in this nature’s paradise! Trek to the top of hills and watch the green hills and valleys all around. The hills are known to be the home of horned antelopes. So you might catch up with some jungle life as well!

  3. Cauveri River coracle rides: Hogenakkal is synonymous with coracles, the basket boats made of bamboos and covered with plastic. A coracle ride through the rippling waters is too magical for words! It can only be experienced. You might have your heart in your mouth at times, as mighty Cauveri is known to play with coracles, twisting and tossing it around! Surely you need to have a strong heart to enjoy the best of Hogenakkal tourism attractions.

    Coracle Ride
    Coracle Ride
  4. Pennagram Village: If you feel like exploring some rustic life in Hogenakkal, Pennagram is the place to be. It is simple village life in all its purity in Pennagram. Abundant mulberry farms and brightly colored terracotta statues are the mark of this village. These statues are called Aiyanars and they are supposed to be the guardians of the village.

  5. Mettur Dam: One of the largest dams in India, Mettur Dam built across Cauvery, is known for its picture perfect beauty. The dam and its reservoir are surrounded by magnificent hills all around. A visit to this place will make you wonder at the sheer beauty of this place.

    Nandhi Statue Mettur
    Nandhi Statue Mettur
  6. Parameshwari Temple: If your trip has to be accompanied by some spiritual outing also, Parameshwari temple is the best among places to visit in Hogenakkal. The temple has an interesting story, the goddess here is believed to be pregnant and is said to be the protector of all pregnant women. Stork visiting? Make sure that you visit this temple also.

  7. Krishnagiri Dam: Though not located very close by, Krishnagiri Dam is prominent among Hogenakkal tourism attractions. Located between Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri, this is another dam that blocks Cauvery. Scenic beauty all around, the place is a well-known trekking destination. A trek from the dam to Yelagiri Hills in Eastern Ghats is favorite among trekkers.

When to visit Hogenakkal?

The months between August and March are good for travel to Hogenakkal. During monsoons, Cauvery swells up giving an intimidating look to the waterfalls. If you are thinking, when to visit Hogenakkal to view the waterfall at its best, monsoon is the answer. Summers are not very good for travel as the sweltering heat might spoil your trip.

How to reach Hogenakkal?

Being one of the best places to visit in India which is within reach of a major city, there is no room for the concern, how to reach Hogenakkal. Bangalore airport is at a distance of 130 kms and is the nearest for air travel. Dharmapuri railway station, at a distance of 46 kms, is the nearest point for train travel.

A place that intoxicates you with natural beauty, Hogenakkal is a must visit destination in south India. Don’t be surprised if you feel craving for more after one visit. Travel more and you will enjoy every moment of it.


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