A Coastal Journey, from Varkala to Trivandrum – My Rameswaram Trip 3

Varkala to Trivandrum, a road trip: I was in Varkala, as part of my journey to Rameswaram. My dream was to explore the coastal roads, enjoying the enchanting oceans at every other bend. I stayed in ‘Varkala Marine Palace Resort,’ where everything was classy, yet homely. After a rejuvenating day in the beaches of Varkala, I and my friend, started our onward journey to Trivandrum.

Varkala to Trivandrum Road Trip Video
You are reading our journey from Varkala to Trivandrum here. This is the part of our Rameswaram Coastal Trip and the other stories related to our trip can be read from here:

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The green shielded drive

Anchuthengu Lighthouse
Anchuthengu Lighthouse

Starting from Varkala early in the morning, our plan was to reach Trivandrum by noon. Trivandrum was 42 kms from Varkala. Most people would have preferred the wide, well-maintained highways. But I am a perennial nature lover, and anything that permits me to be close to nature, is my first choice. So we hit the coastal roads. All along, there was the perfect blend of green coconut trees and blue ocean waters. The roads were narrow, there were puddles on the roadsides, but nothing mattered. To drive in harmony with nature was such a pleasure! We downed the windows, breathed in the fresh morning air, and moved on.

Anchuthengu Fort

Anchuthengu Fort
Anchuthengu Fort

Among the many small villages, and sights that we passed by, Anchuthengu or Anjengo Fort, located 13 kms from Varkala, is the one that deserves a mention. It was built in the 1600s, by the British East India Company, as part of their defense mechanism. Nestled along the sea-shore, the fort is a wonderful place for a small picnic. Even from the car, I could see the antique charm of the place. Though I longed to spend a few hours there, some pressing commitments urged me to move ahead. So I killed my longing, and obeyed the clock.

From quiet to clamor

Varkala to Trivandrum Road trip
East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram

The early part of the drive was fulfilling, to say the least. There was a calmness in the rustic roads of Kerala. Vehicles were going at a relaxed pace. It seemed like the pristine nature had a calming effect on everyone. But as we approached the bustling city of Trivandrum, things took a different shape. Road was wider, but drive was harder. There was a marked difference in the surroundings, scenery, and even in the attitudes of people. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry to rush past others. We passed Veli Tourist Village, and Trivandrum Airport, and melted in the urban traffic.

A lunch with a difference

Varkala to Trivandrum: Pazhan Kanji Lunch
Pazhan Kanji Lunch during our road trip from Varkala to Trivandrum

We were eagerly looking forward to our lunch in Trivandrum. Reason? The restaurant that we had in mind, served traditional Kerala food. From outside, the eatery looked like any other. But stepping inside, I saw a most welcoming ambience. There were pretty graffiti on the walls, and on the shelves stood some glass bottles filled with multi-colored candies and toffees, things that I loved as a kid! It was a wonderful reminder of my childhood. We went for ‘Pazhankanji’ which means ‘a day-old porridge,’ and ‘Kizhi biriyani,’ which was biriyani packed up in banana leaf. Till the last drop of ‘Pazhankanji’ was finished, I was lost to the world! So simple and heavenly it tasted! All those years when I wandered around the world, my heart always ached for my land, and its tasty food. This was homecoming for me.

Reaching the island abode

Edayar Island, on our trip to Rameswaram
Edayar Island

Our stay for the day was to be at ‘Travancore Island Resort’ in Edayar Island, very close to the city. It took us half an hour from the restaurant, to reach the resort. We went past the East Fort area, catching a glimpse of the heritage structures, and reached Edayar Island. The place had the look of a typical Kerala village, devoid of the cacophony of vehicles, with oodles of natural beauty around. Crossing a narrow iron bridge, we landed at our destination. It was a riverfront resort, and looked exquisite.

A village walk

After resting for a short while, we were ready to explore the surroundings. Walking through the foliage, enjoying the shade of coconut palms, I was again transported to my childhood. There were a few small houses, and we saw some boys trying to catch fish from the river. They saw us peeping into their game, and were too glad to offer us a chance. Though I couldn’t catch any, it was fun.

Finally, we wrapped up our day – our road trip from Varkala to Trivandrum. This was a day to be cherished, a day that brought me many sweet remembrances. But I had to move on, to my next destination, Rameswaram. read about our Trivandrum – Rameswaram Trip here.

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