A Day In Shillong, The Splendid Capital Of Meghalaya

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is a place that had captivated me with its beauty, when I visited last year. It was winter, and the green cover had just started to wither off. So this time, we went just after the monsoons, when the greenery of Shillong was in full glory. We were there, I and Vineeth, to traverse the expanse of the abode of clouds.

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Places that we visited in Shillong (Hindi Video)

Start with a sumptuous breakfast

Our stay in Shillong was wonderful, thanks to the homely accommodation at Aerodene Cottages. We stayed there for two nights, and it was an excellent place to relax, with a lovely garden, and lots of greenery around. After a delicious breakfast, we started our ride through the lanes and alleys of Shillong. Passing the lush green farms and the numerous vegetable vendors on the way, speeding off to unknown lands, was a different feel.

Ward’s Lake and Botanical Garden

Wards Lake Shillong
Wards Lake Shillong

Our first stop was a lovely picnic spot, called Ward’s Lake. It was a tiny lake in the midst of the bustling city. The lake was surrounded by a well-kept lawn and garden. A wooden bridge across the lake gave a fairytale look to the entire place. There were pedal boats too. An ideal place for a family outing, I felt. Standing there, I missed by kids back home. They would have loved the place.

Botanical garden was close to the lake. Though the name was garden, it looked more like a forest. A green patch in the middle of the city, where honking of vehicles and mad rush of people were non-existent! We walked around, breathing the fresh air and gaping at the tall trees. I was pleasantly surprised that not a piece of litter was to be found anywhere. People of Meghalaya are responsible citizens, who take it upon themselves to keep their surroundings clean. A lesson for the rest of us!

Don Bosco Museum and Skywalk

Don Bosco Museum was our main itinerary for the day. I had heard a lot about it, but could not make it last time. So this was the first on our list. The museum was huge, housed in seven floors. Each floor was dedicated to a separate theme. It was the go-to place for gathering all information related to northeastern states. Their culture, lifestyle, utensils, everything was displayed. It was well-maintained also. The entry fee of Rs. 100 seemed less for such a wonderfully organized museum!

The Skywalk was on top of the museum. As it was the highlight of the place, we expected it to be awesome, and it truly was! What a splendid view it gave! The skyline of Shillong was spread out before us, from far-off mountains hidden by silvery clouds, to the city dwellings nearby. It looked like Shillong was served on a platter for us. It is my strong advice to anyone visiting Shillong, to make it a point to visit Don Bosco Museum. It will be worth the time spent.

Shillong Peak

Shillong Peak View
Shillong Peak View

Our only disappointment of the day was that we could not go to Shillong Peak, or Shillong Viewpoint. It closed by 3 pm, and we were not aware of that. Though we missed the actual viewpoint, we roamed a little, and rode atop a few other hillocks. Marvelous blue sky and fluffy clouds surrounded us on every hill top! Now I knew why it was called Meghalaya.

Memories of Elephant Falls and Sacred Forest

Elephant Falls Shillong - Shillong Attractions
Elephant Falls Shillong – Shillong Attractions

After the museum, it was time for us to wrap up. There were places that we visited last year, which were equally splendid. Elephant Falls was one among them. The pretty waterfall that fell in three layers was a lovely sight. Sacred Forest was another pleasurable memory. It was not a thick forest, but was considered sacred by the local tribes. Visitors were also expected to maintain decorum and respect their beliefs.

As we rested our tired feet in the cozy rooms of our cottage, I understood one thing. I was in love with the place, once again. And this love affair was to continue till the end of my life.

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