A Cheaper Alternative to Alleppey Houseboats

Who doesn’t love to stay relaxed in a heritage boat on the calm waters of Alleppey or Alappuzha? Surrounded by the vast paddy fields and lush coconut groves, floating in a houseboat is the dream for many. What makes the houseboat vacations in Kerala a challenge is the soaring tariff. When a friend suggested a cheaper alternative to Alleppey houseboats, I did not think twice but joined him for a boat ride from Alleppey to Kollam through the backwaters of Alappuzha.

Beautiful Sky Reflecting on the Backwaters of Alleppey
Beautiful Sky Reflecting on the Backwaters of Alleppey

Is there a real alternative to Alleppey houseboats?

That’s what I was asking to myself. The alternative to the houseboat is a state-run boat service from Alleppey to Kollam. There was very little information about the service, but we wanted to explore and experience the option by ourselves.

What’s Alleppey or Alappuzha?

Nicely tucked into the Arabian coast of India, Alleppey or Alappuzha is mostly associated with backwaters and beaches. Visibly different from the rest of the world, Alleppey has characteristic serene backwaters, lush green fields, and uniquely built houses. The charming villages of Alleppey are ideal for leisurely morning walk or an inquisitive evening stroll.

While backwaters and houseboats stand out prominent in Alappuzha, there are a lot more to explore and experience in this nature-blessed destination in Kerala.

Being a travel blogger, I am always on a lookout for authentic experiences to share with the readers. The internet is overfilled with travel suggestions and destination guides, but there are still places on Earth that we are yet to explore. Yes, there are at least a good number of destinations that are unspoiled by the massive tourist flow. In this trip, all I wanted was a sneak peek to the cheaper alternative to Alleppey houseboats, which are otherwise considered luxurious and exorbitant.

More Houseboats in Alleppey
Houseboats in Alleppey

We began our journey by catching a government bus from Vyttila hub in Kochi to Alleppey, and we were now walking on the inactive streets of Alleppey. I was recalling the canoeing experience I had a few days before in the backwaters of Munroe island, but here it is the queen of all backwaters of Kerala.

Hot Chips Sellers in Alleppey
Hot Chips Sellers in Alleppey

Unsure about the direction, we inquired to a vegetable vendor who was arraying his shop for the morning sale. We followed the direction he pointed and marched along the muddy canal with a few Shikara Boats anchored within their sheds. Not far from the vegetable vendor was a row of hot chips sellers. They were seasoned to campaign and canvas the tourists, and we were pulled in.

Making of Hot Chips
Making of Hot Chips

Chips of different varieties and colors decorated the shops. They were happy to give us a sample from every variety that they displayed there and we tried a few of them. The skill of peeling plantains and then slicing them in a bunch to the hot boiling oil was a scene that impressed me.

Not so far from the chips vendors was the boat jetty. Much like a bus stop, people waited for regular boat services to their villages which could be accessed better by water than by road. Though an information center was open, the office was deserted and we were compelled to seek advice from the other travelers. One of the travelers who was waiting for his boat pointed his finger to an anchored boat and said, “that’s the one. Just go inside and they will issue tickets during the journey.”

Alleppey Boat Jetty Canal
Alleppey Boat Jetty Canal

So, we walked inside. What attracted me on the boat was the roofed seating facilities on the deck, and naturally my steps led me through the stairs to the deck. By then the canal was active with Shikara boats plying both sides with guests. We found seats that offered better views and so relaxed ourselves on them.

Beginning... A search for an alternative to Alleppey Houseboats

While most of the seats were vacant in the basement, the boat started its voyage at sharp 10:30 am. A friendly driver explained the service details to us and we were on an eight hours sail in the backwaters of Kerala, a perfect yet cheaper alternative to Alleppey houseboats.

As we sailed along the busy streets of Alleppey, the conductor approached us for the payment. I was astonished to listen the fare – Rs. 400.00 ($ 6.15). As I expressed my joy of experiencing the backwaters of Alleppey at a reasonable tariff, a co-passenger expressed his displeasure. “How come you feel that it is cheap? Alleppey – Kottayam boating is much cheaper; less than Rs. 25.00,” he said. While his argument shadowed the joy I had a while ago, I regained the spirit by comparing the fare with that of a houseboat which would cost Rs. 10,000.00 or even more during the peak season.

Houseboats in Alleppey
More houseboats in Alleppey

Soon we left the canal that was running along Alappuzha town. I quit my seat and walked towards the bow for enjoying a wider view. The serene waters of Alleppey, vast and spectacular with several houseboats in it, seemed extraordinary. Far until the horizon, the waters of Kuttanad lapped its shores. Boats of different styles and sizes, some sailing while others anchored, showcased the demand for the backwaters of Alleppey.

What is Kuttanad?

Kuttanad is a region spread across Alleppey and Kottayam districts of Kerala. The place is famous for its vast paddy fields and a network of backwaters that connect several canals, lakes, and rivers. Kuttanad can be accessed from Alleppey or from Kottayam. Kumarakom is an charming attraction, if you plan to explore Kuttanad from Kottayam.

As the time passed and our boat cruised beneath the vibrant sky, the vastness reduced to a narrow canal and we were steaming along the coconut ridges that stretched a boundary between the lush green paddy fields and the wobbling waters. Our discovery of a cheaper alternative to Alleppey houseboats stood taller in front of our expectations.

Coconut Groves on the Banks of Ashtamudi Lake
Coconut Groves on the Banks of Ashtamudi Lake

The boat further sailed for another 7 hours with two stops in between. The first place that we stopped was for a lunch from one of the home food facilities while the second stop was for evening snacks at a waterfront government owned resort. In between, the sailing route changed its width several times.

A Sinking Boat in Ashtamudi Lake
A Sinking Boat in Ashtamudi Lake

The trip exposed Karimadi – a half broken idol of Lord Buddha, which proclaimed the centuries old presence of Buddhism in Kerala. As we cruised through the refreshing sights of Kuttanad, we experienced the village life that is well connected to the backwaters. Fishing villages, coconut groves, paddy fields, lakes and lagoons, and large man-made shutters that blocked salt water from entering the sweet water of backwaters. The sight of Arabian Sea staying away from the backwaters by a long strip of natural land from the waters of Ashtamudi lake was even stunning.

Fishing Boats
Fishing Boats

We continued our navigation as the sun bid farewell by leaving a long trail of colors on an otherwise dull sky. Heritage palaces, tall statutes, and islands that made luxurious resorts were also the part of our journey which revealed a cheaper alternative to Alleppey houseboats.

Departing Sun that Promised to Revisit Next Morning
Departing Sun that Promised to Revisit Next Morning

But, can these government boats really substitute Alleppey houseboats?

Not really. The houseboats are much luxurious with several bedrooms, balconies, and even kitchen and dinning room within it. If you are traveling with a family to enjoy a vacation in the backwaters of Kerala, I believe houseboats are the best to experience.

Then how can you say the government boats as an alternative to Alleppey houseboats?

Well, if you are a solo traveler and if you wish to enjoy the backwaters of Kerala, houseboats can be a lot more expensive than this government run boat services. This is a perfect alternative only if you are traveling solo (or in a very small group of 2 to 3 members) and wish to reduce your cost – but by sacrificing the luxury.

What you should know about this boat service?

Journey: Alleppey to Kollam or Kollam to Alleppey

Tariff: Rs. 400.00 ($ 6.15)

Departure Time: 10:30 from Alleppey

Arrival Time: 6:30 at Kollam

Lunch: There is a stop for lunch. You need to pay for lunch extra.

Prior booking: No prior booking is available. In fact, you do not require a prior booking.

The service is available on alternative days. 

There is a small washroom within the boat for the passengers. 

Anyway, before you travel, it is good to read about…

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  • Major attractions in Kerala

So, Happy Traveling!

Author: E Jey

Just a passionate traveler who loves scribbling his expeditions @ www.jauntmonkey.com, www.outonroads.com, and www.blogthatall.com

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  1. I am planning for Allepey trip in October 2018 with 6 adults and 3 children. And also have a plan for backwater trip from Allepey to kollam through govt boat. Will the plan be fruitful? Is there any provision of return journey from Kollam to Allepey?

    1. Dear J K Bhunia… Thank you for visiting my blog.
      You can go by Govt Boat from Alleppey to Kollam and you also can get return boats from Kollam to Alleppey (on the next day). This will coat you Rs. 400.00 per person. If you want to have shorter trips (say 2 hours trip) to places like Kottayam, that is also possible which is even cheaper.

  2. Hello, my friends and I are visiting Alleppey this August and do not wish to spend too much time/money on houseboats. Is this a good alternative for us? And where do we have to go for it(name of the area) ?

    1. Dear Ruta… Alleppey is not just about houseboats. Of course, experience of houseboats are unique, but you can find wonderful yet cheaper options too. This was a local transport option and we spent almost a whole day in the boat. You may not require that much time. I would rather suggest you to take a shorter trip from Alleppey boat jetty and experience the natural beauty of Alleppey villages. If you want to try houseboats, you can even go for a short trip (cheaper options are available) to just get the feel. Enjoy your travel!

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