Floating Resort in India, An Experience at Aquatic Floating Resort in Kochi

Aquatic Floating Resort, Kochi: October of 2017; I was looking for a place to celebrate my daughter’s birthday party. We went through many options from kids parties to amusement parks, but none of them inspired me then. It was one of my friends who suggested to try some backwater spots in Kochi. After searching several hours on the Internet we decided to visit Kumbalangi village and the resorts there. Though we choose a few resorts to be visited, when I called Mr. Jain of Aquatic Floating Resort in Kochi, I planned to explore their property with my staff.

A lonely road towards Kumbalangi Village
A lonely road towards Kumbalangi Village

I had already informed Mr. Jain that I am a YouTuber and I wish to see his property for my daughter’s birthday party. He was more than happy to welcome me to this unique floating resort of India that hovers on the backwaters of Kochi. My last experience, something similar to a floating resort, was in Maldives – the water villas of Maldives. However, I was charged.

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We set off to the lesser known Kumbalangi village through the busiest roads of Kochi. Soon the roads were getting narrower and lonely. We were then driving through the middle of backwaters. The morning rays sparkled the dew drops on the grasses that grew taller on the sides of the road. Birds were not many, but there were a few.

As we reached the floating resort, we were welcomed by the friendly staff and took me around. I was satisfied… no, I was overwhelmed. Aquatic floating resort of Kochi had a nice garden with a well maintained lawn. I strolled over the lawn to reach the other end, it was backwaters there too. A few migratory birds caught my attention, but I did not spend my time behind them. My interest was on the floating cottages.

Behind the veil in Aquatic Resort Kumbalangi
Behind the veil in Aquatic Resort, Kumbalangi

The staff might have got it from my eyes, they took me to one of the cottages. Just amazing! Each cottage was built carefully in uniform pattern. There were 10 cottages and all of them were floating. The cottages were made mostly with natural materials like bamboo, jute, and coir carpets.

A view of Kochi Backwaters from the Floating Resort
A view of Kochi Backwaters from the Floating Resort

Each cottage had three floors. The top most floor is a balcony that opens to a clear view of backwaters. One can sit in the balcony and enjoy the breeze, relax, and watch birds. The first floor is the living room with all needed amenities. The bottom most floor is the bedroom that is halfway under the water.

A beautiful lawn at Aquatic Floating resort Kochi
A beautiful lawn at Aquatic Floating Resort Kochi

I explored every inch of the cottage, but then they invited us for a satisfying buffet breakfast. The restaurant was floating too. Thus we had our Kerala style breakfast by sitting on a wobbling platform in a floating resort of Kochi.

Inside the floating resort
Inside the floating resort

We were not done yet. We then decided to try some of the activities there. Canoeing and coracle boating were the two that I could try there that day. Canoeing in the open waters was a bit tough as the time was almost 11 by then and the sun was blazing over our head. Yet the breeze was soothing and the scene was pleasant. While the staff explained about the opportunity to fish in the backwaters there, I was excited, but then we had to have something to try out on the birthday eve.


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