Athirappally to Malakkapparai | Jaunt Monkey’s Kochi – Valparai – Marayoor Ride

Starting pretty early in the morning from Kochi helped me to reach Athirappally (Athirappilly) in 1 hour and 40 minutes. While I reached Athirappally it was only 20 minutes to 7 in the morning and the gates of Athirappally waterfalls were closed for public. Staying far on the road, I enjoyed a distant view of Athirappally falls and captured a few shots of playful monkeys. Since I had to reach Marayoor by the same evening, I decided to continue my ride from Athirappally to Malakkapparai then.

Bamboo forests on one side and rocky cliffs with grassy bushes on the other, the road was narrow yet lonely. Otherwise wet rocks of Athirappally to Vazhachal route were dry under the baking sun of summer. A small waterfalls (Charpa falls) that resembled a leaking tap during then couldn’t even express the vigor and charm of its majestic rapid during monsoon. After riding almost 6 kilometers from Athirappally towards Malakkappara, I stopped in front of the closed gates of Vazhachal waterfalls. Like Athirappally, Vazhachal can also be accessed by public only after 8:00 in the morning.

A Photo Ride on Valparai - Marayoor Route
Bamboo forests between Athirappally and Vazhachal

For continuing my ride from Athirappally to Malakkappara, I had to pass through Vazhachal forest division. At the forest check post, with minimum formalities, I obtained a pass to enter the forest. After accepting to the demand of forest guards to cover the distance of 44 kilometers through the jungle in 2 hours, I kicked off to explore the jungle on my Royal Enfield Classic 350.

If you are interested to trek and explore the forest, you can contact Vazhachal forest authorities to get different options and packages. 

Soon after the check post I was riding through the dense forest. Trees that tempting to touch the sky and streams that ran through the bushes were strong and sturdy even during the extremeness of summer. I must say that I was a bit shaky during the early part of my ride through the jungle. Not much distance, I met more riders on the route and could regain my courage.

a water body
A water body on the way to Malakkappara

Seeing a beautiful water body, I stopped my bike and started looking around for shooting at least a monkey using my camera. *My camera… I only had an action camera (sjcam 4000) and my mobile phone (LG G5) for shooting videos and snaps on this trip. The  warning sign was interesting and it surely inspired me to look around the water body to search for crocodiles. Suddenly I heard the trumpet of an elephant. I though it was a team of elephants but there was only one. He was far from me, coming out from the jungle on the other side of the lake. I was once again shaky… looked around to see if there was at least a kid on my side. There was no one and my smartphone was not so smart enough to capture the sight of that angry tusker. As soon as he left the scene, I started my bike and continued my ride to Malakkappara.

Three layers of roads|
Road to Malakkappara through Vazhachal forest

My journey continued and it took almost 2 hours and 30 minutes for me to cover a distance of 50 kilometers from Athirappally to Malakkappara. The winding roads and the lush green forests ended only at the small town on the Kerala – Tamil Nadu border.

Useful Facts: Athirappally to Malakkappara Ride


  1. Kochi, Kerala to Athirappally, Kerala: 72 kilometers
  2. Kochi, Kerala to Vazhachal, Kerala: 76 kilometers
  3. Kochi, Kerala to Aliyar Dam, Tamil Nadu: 122 kilometers

Where to stay?

Athirappally is a beautiful place to stay and enjoy the forest, the waterfalls, and the whispering chalakkudy river. You can find luxury hotels and budget hotels in Athirappally. Staying in Athirappally will help you to access Vazhachal easily.

Malakkappara is a small yet beautiful town of Kerala on the border of Tamil Nadu. The town has no luxury hotels (in 2017) but you may find some home stay facilities here.

Map of Athirappally

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