A Rejuvenating Stay In Ayur Vaidya Mana

Ayur Vaidya Mana

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I was planning a trip to Palakkad, with my family. Palakkad being a land laden with culture and heritage, I searched for a resort that had a heritage feel to it. I wanted to experience a relaxing ayurvedic treatment also, for which Palakkad was famous. That was how I stumbled upon the beautiful resort, ‘Ayur Vaidya Mana.’ The pictures of the resort captured me, and I decided to go for it. It was a good choice indeed. 

Though Palakkad is not as popular as Munnar and Kovalam in Kerala, my visit to Palakkad was fulfilling. 

The Resort

Ayur Vaidya Mana is located at a distance of around 10 kms from Palakkad town. Being located close to the Palakkad Shoranur highway, it was easy to find. When we reached there, the first thing that captured me was a lingering smell of ayurvedic medicines. The resort and its surroundings looked so peaceful, and homely.

Ayur Vaidya Mana
Ayur Vaidya Mana Resort

I came to know that it was actually an ancient house converted into a resort. So the name ‘Mana.’ Mana means the ancestral home of Kerala Brahmins. These houses are famed for their unique style, where wood is largely used in construction. Ayur Vaidya Mana also had an antique feel. There was a decorative well near the entrance, which was the kitchen-well of the mana, in olden times. When I went inside, it was like stepping into a vintage home. But this was not a luxury resort. Everything was splendid, but simple.

What to expect?

Whatever expectations I had about the resort, they all came true. So this is what you can expect too.

  • They have different varieties of ayurvedic treatments. They are all moderately priced, so taking a treatment won’t burn a hole in your pocket. I tried the general body massage, and it was absolutely relaxing. My wife tried a ‘dhara,’ an oil massage for head. From the way she was glowing after the treatment, I knew that this was also superb.
  • The resort provides traditional Kerala styled food. They have a special ayurvedic kanji, or porridge, which is said to possess medicinal values. I tried it, not just therapeutic, it was tasty too. As against normal ayurvedic resorts, here they have non-vegetarian food too. Chicken prepared in the local Palakkad style was delicious!
  • The resort is in such a place that you feel one with nature. Close by, there are many villages, where you can go for a village walk. We went to the village of ‘odiayan,’ one of the characters in the folklores of Palakkad. It was a different experience.
Ayur Veda Treatment @ Ayur Vaidya Mana
Ayur Veda Treatment @ Ayur Vaidya Mana

Ayur Vaidya Mana had a role in making my Palakkad trip delightful. A resort with a heritage touch, and ayurvedic treatment as an added attraction, Mana got good scores from me.


Rs. 2500.00 for two people 
     Breakfast included 
     inclusive of taxes

Lunch: Rs. 200.00 (vegetarian or Non-vegetarian)
Dinner: Rs. 300.00  (vegetarian or Non-vegetarian)

Location of Ayur Vaidya Mana

Ayur Vaidya Mana is located at Mankurussi in Palakkad on Palakkad – Shornur State Highway

Google Location Map: Ayur Vaidya Mana

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