Bangladesh Destination Guide

Introduction: Bangladesh Destination Guide

A country that is rich in culture and natural beauties, Bangladesh is one of the less explored countries on the Indian Subcontinent. The country is blessed with astonishing scenery and the people have a knack of preparing one of the most delicious recipes in the whole South Asia. The vivid color combinations of Bay of Bengal, Sundarban mangrove forests, and the numerous serpentine rivers gives it an opportunity for photographers and nature lovers to grab their lifetime memories in this small country neighboring to India.

Bangladesh has amazing destinations giving you a chance to experience the world’s longest beach, or the most regarded tiger reserves. The ancient ruins and some of the preserved sacred sites of Bangladesh are still intact to be explored. The devastating floods, though looks impressive on a video footage, offers terribly painful experience for the local community. The devastating revers, Brehmaputra, Padma, and Meghna brings water and soil from longer distances to the word’s largest delta – the Sundarbans.

Cox's Bazar: Bangladesh destination Guide
Cox’s Bazar

The pristine beaches and the calm coconut grooves of Bangladesh cannot undermine the beauty of charming backwaters of this country. Bangladesh that was once the part of undivided India, was later a part of Pakistan before being an independent country. Keeping the odd events, Bangladesh is safe for foreigners. However, the threat from extremist groups cannot be undermined.


: Bangladesh Destination Guide

Dhaka: Bangladesh Destination GuideThe largest city of Bangladesh, Dhaka was one of the busiest port in whole Bengal (which includes today’s West Bengal of India). By look and features, Dhaka was a mirror image of Kolkata. That is still visible on the clumsy streets of Dhaka with riskhaws, pedestrians, and disturbingly honking taxis. However, the city is the most popular port of entry to the country and is also the most popular tourist destination in the country.


: Bangladesh Destination Guide

Chittagong Hill TractsOne of the major port city of Bangladhesh, Chittagong is the second largest city in the country by population. A traveler to Chittagong gains from the variety of attractions including the coastal landscape, charming Boga and Foy’s lakes, and the hillocks around. The hillsides of Chittagong is an abode to Jumma people with dense bamboo forests, shrubs and creepers. A visitor may experience the bordering Myanmar (Burma) rather than Bangladesh in this unique Bangladeshi city. The major attractions of Chittagong includes the sandy Patenga Beach, the mesmerizing Foy’s lake, World War II cemetery, Ethnological Museum, and the Kattali Beach.

Sundarbans National Park

: Bangladesh Destination Guide

Silence and beauty of the Sundarbans National Park can deceive any nature lover into the grips of this world’s largest mangrove forest. The beauty when comes with the dangers hidden in this delta, your trip can be one of the best among adventures. The marshy lands and the vast stretch of water networks is home to some of the wildest animals including the Royal Bengal Tigers and the Crocodiles. Enjoy a detailed boat cruise or stay in one of the nature friendly cottages for giving you the best opportunities to experience the Sundarbans.


: Bangladesh Destination Guide

Situated by the river Gowain and connected to the canal Chengir Khal, Ratargul is the only freshwater swamp forest in the country. The spills of Gowain river formed this evergreen freshwater swamp forest which gains a water level up to 7.5m during the rainy seasons and can drop down to a low 3m during winter. The swamp offers a natural habitat for several species of animals including monkeys, snakes, mongooses, water monitors, herons, egrets, etc. Taking the permission from forest office and enjoying the canal on a country boat can give you the best views and a lot of memories.


: Bangladesh Destination Guide


Undoubtedly different from the rest of Bangladesh what we were discussing, Srimangal and its surroundings are unique with rolling hills and winding roads. The tea plantations and the surrounding forests can easily gain a place in your mind and keep you comfortably well within. Srimangal is the part of Sylhet, the northeastern division of Bangladesh. When you are in these misty hillocks, do not forget to take memories from the tribal villages around.

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