6 Solid Reasons You Should Be A Travel Blogger!

Why you should be a travel blogger? Every year, thousands of travel bloggers roam around the world and share their experiences to their audience. The idea of travel blogging is to inform the people about real experiences of a trip. For travel bloggers, it is a way to educate and inspire people to travel to a place.

Be a travel blogger
Why you should be a travel blogger?

Today, travel blogging is emerging as an alternative career and a new way to earn money. What can be more fun than traveling the world and get paid for it? There is no 9-5 work cycle. There are no job pressures. There are no apprehensions for job security. You are your own boss.

Being myself a travel blogger, I can vouch for the many benefits one can get as a travel blogger. Here I’m going to list some of them to inspire you to become a travel blogger. Let’s check them out:

1. You Can Travel the World

That’s quite obvious.

Travel the world

My journey to travel blogging began after my best friend quit his job to become a full-time travel blogger. At that time, travel blogging was an enigmatic thing for me. But when my friend shared his success story with me, I started to develop an interest in this profession.

The thing that fascinated me the most in his story was the fact that he could travel the world. To me, it was a sense of freedom. A thing I always cherished.

What can be more tempting than traveling to your favorite places and eating the best foods and get paid for it? Imagine yourself skiing in the Swiss Alps, taking a gondola ride in Venice, and roaming around the Paris streets. Doesn’t it sound intriguing?

2. You Can Increase Your Exposure

Traveling the world exposes you to different people and cultures. It enriches your experience as a human and diversifies your knowledge. I’ve traveled more than 20 countries and I can cook 50 different types of cuisine and can speak half a dozen languages.

Banglore Roadside Chicken Momos Recipe

Apart from building your skills, traveling also introduces you to different attitudes of world societies and their perceptions about other societies. All these things significantly contribute to your growth as a person.

3. You Can Stay Inspired

Traveling breaks you free from the mundane corporate life. That vicious cycle of 9-5 work life traps you in a lifestyle which deprives you of any time and mental space to give to your life. After a time, life becomes monotonous and nothing inspires you anymore. There can be no worse feeling than living such a pathetic life and I can say it from my own experience.

Dhankar - View from the oldest Monastery | Things to know about Spiti

I was a sales agent for a marketing firm. I had to work day in and day out to meet my weekly and monthly sales targets. I had to sit late hours to complete my sales cycle. It was a frustrating job.

Now that I’m a travel blogger, I can feel the change. Today, I’m a happy guy. Every day is a new day. I set out for new destinations and look forward to traveling to some fascinating places where I can meet new people and eat delicious foods. Life is just perfect!

4. You Can Express Yourself

Blogging is a way to express your thoughts. It is a manifestation of yourself and how you see life. With travel blogging, you can even voice your opinions on the attitudes of people that you stumble upon during your visits. In addition, you can raise awareness about social themes that people in another part of the world might not know.

Eco Park on the way to Cherrapunji

I write several articles about different social experiences that I encounter during my trips. In one of my blogs, I wrote about my experience of “La Tomatina” festivity and how it reminded me of the starving children in third world countries. In that article, I expressed raised certain questions about this festival.

5. You Can Make New Friends

Traveling introduces you to new people. Yes, when you select to be a travel blogger you meet people on daily basis. They can be travel guides, people on the roadside, or just other tourists. In this crowd of people, you sometimes come across a person that you want to spend your time. He is the person who shares your sense of humor and matches with your temperament.

I’ve made several friends during my trips to different countries and I keep in touch with them even today. They are all wonderful and they taught me many things in life (including the languages I mentioned above). They call me on weekends and I call them back. It feels good to know that I’ve got a special place in the lives of people who live miles away from me. They continue to inspire me every day.

6. You Can Earn Money

And Last but certainly not the least reason for you to be a travel blogger.

Travel blogging is your chance to earn good money. Many bloggers enjoy the status of celebrities and even endorse products and get paid for it. Bloggers like Brian Kelly, Kate McCulley, and Johnny Jet make thousands of dollars.

I’m myself making a decent earning with my blog and I even travel on sponsored trips. But the real perks are the opportunity to explore new places, meet new people and learn new experiences.

Travel blogging is a lucrative profession for people who want to get out of the corporate lifestyle. It is emerging as an alternative career and many people are earning good money in this profession. So if you have the buzz for traveling and want to earn make a decent earning then it could be a viable career option for you.

I hope you now got a few reasons to be a travel blogger or to become a full time traveller. If you have other opinions, please do share with us in the comments below. 

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