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Chicken Sizzler from 20 Feet High in Bangalore: Bangalore is a city that always touched my heart. I was there for some personal reasons, but a bit travel reasons too. I was going to meet Ebin Philip, a travel blogger who later became so close to me. We planned to do a video together, and we decided to meet at the famous Cubbon park.

Cubbon Park Bangalore
Cubbon Park

As usual, the lush green Cubbon park, which is famous as the lungs of the Bangalore city, stayed cool and away from the hustles and bustles. We met there and walked towards the most celebrated M G Road (Mahatma Gandhi Road) of Bangalore. While walking towards M G Road, we didn’t have any chicken sizzler in our mind. Well, we also didn’t have any plans to try the usual south Indian vegetarian courses.

We walked; we walked the entire stretch of M G Road and then took a turn to the lesser yet vivid Church Street. Time was almost 3:00 on that weekday; shops were less active on the church street, and so the restaurants. As we walked a vintage looking hotel attracted my eyes to it – 20 Feet High. We decided to go in and try something of chicken.

As we reached on the first floor (that’s where the restaurant is – 20 feet above the church street), the staff were wrapping up the luxurious buffet that they had arranged for that day’s lunch. On our request they agreed to prepare some chicken sizzlers for me and pasta bolognese for Ebin. By then it was almost 2 years that I had my last chicken sizzler.

As the chicken sizzler was placed on my table, its aroma penetrated in through my nostrils to my brains. I took a small piece and tasted; it was just classical. I used my fork and tasted a steamed broccoli; just cooked to chew and enjoy the taste. The sizzler was still puffing out the steam. Semi-steamed vegetables and nicely cooked chicken made my lunch superbly luscious. You can watch our chicken sizzler from 20 feet high in Bangalore here below.

Chicken Sizzler from 20 Feet High in Bangalore

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