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Coorg or Kodagu is a pretty hill station in Karnataka, having a magnetism that instantly draws you to it. A place with its own culture and traditions and even a unique dressing style, Coorg destinations stand apart from the oft visited places in many ways. Misty hills and valleys, eye catching greenery and winding roads have earned it the name, Scotland of India. Endowed with pleasant climate, it is one of the best places to visit in India, no matter what season.

Tourist attractions of Coorg

Many are the splendid places spread across this charming hill town. Let us have a look at some of them.

1. Madikeri

Madikeri Among Coorg Destinations
Madikeri Among Coorg Destinations

This is the landmark of Coorg tourism. Blessed with picture perfect surroundings, Madikeri, India is an unforgettable experience for all nature lovers. The famous fort in Madikeri is a gateway to its glorious past. Two giant sized elephant statutes guard the entrance as if to ward off unwelcome guests. There is also a Gothic styled church which has been converted into a museum. A trip to Madikeri is definitely for those who love to walk with the old world.

2. Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls - Coorg Attractions
Abbey Falls – Coorg Attractions | Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

This is one of the most captivating among Coorg destinations. The waterfalls originating from Cauvery River fall from a height of 70 feet and is a sight to watch. A walk through coffee plantations will take you to this wonderful place. The frothy water throwing tiny droplets in the air gives a misty feel to the place. Monsoons are the best to visit Abbey Falls as the water swells up at this time making the view simply overwhelming.

3. Raja’s Seat

The literal meaning of the word is ‘king’s seat.’ This mountain top location is the place where the kings of yore used to view magnificent sunsets in peace, oblivious to all around them. This simple four pillared structure is for those who love some quiet away from noises. Get there early in the morning for splendid views of the first rays of sun peeping over the horizon.

4. Talacauveri


Talacauveri is the place where the sacred river, Cauveri takes birth. A place of immense significance for Hindus, it is flocked by devotees desirous of taking a dip in the holy waters. Being abundant in natural beauty, this is ideal for a pleasure trip combined with worship.

How to reach Coorg?

Coorg destinations are amongst the most sought after in Karnataka and for this reason, it enjoys good connectivity. Mangalore airport is the closest to Coorg and Bangalore is also not far. For those who prefer rail travel, Mysore railway station is closest. A road trip to Coorg is preferred by many as the drive offers scenic views of Western Ghats.

Where to stay?

As the people of Coorg, the Kodavas, are known for their hospitality, a home stay in Coorg would be the best option. Dig your fingers into authentic Kodava recipes or walk around in their coffee plantations. Even for those who prefer hotels and resorts, numerous options are available to suit every pocket.

Coorg is one of the places to visit in India, which still retain their old world charm. A destination of a different kind, it won’t disappoint any traveler.

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