A Vague Memory of My First Trip to Alleppey

Not only him, no one likes to be disturbed when on a serious job. I knew about him in particular and decided to stay calm in that office on a weak antique piece of furniture which can also be called a bench. I looked around and could not find anything of my interest. The three tables kept in the room were as old as the bench. But those tables and my bench seemed much younger to the dusty files piled up on those tables. A string that was freed from a cobweb hanged from the corroding roof and swung in the motion brought by the breeze. I am trying to sniff out from a vague memory of my first trip to Alleppey that continued the day of my vintage trip to Alleppey.

A Vague Memory of My First Trip to Alleppey
Coconut Fringed Canals from a Vague Memory of My First Trip to Alleppey

Until then, except the boat sails on the canals, I had nothing to cherish about that trip. Ten minutes in that containment I started to be restless. When my father was busy with the dusty files, I sneaked out of the building and started exploring the open yard. The yard was dry and hard as the rain that fell in Changanassery did not affect Alappuzha. The open yard that extended to the backyard of that house office was finishing on the banks of a canal.

The canal was lined up with hibiscus plants on my side and fringed by coconut trees on the other. Among the hibiscus plants on my side of the canal was a lone coconut tree that leaned partly over the canal as if to join its relatives on other side. A curious me walked on the coconut tree and climbed it until its middle. I still do not know what happened next. When I opened my eyes, my head was on my father’s lap and a few men were standing around us.

My clothes were wet and I was shivering like a leaf. We were under a roof, but this time it was a thatched roof with coconut palm fronds. A girl in her frock peeped at me from the door. Even in that awkward situation I played a smile for her on my face. Well, that relaxed the facial muscles of all others who stayed around me, including my father.

She (her name I don’t remember now) was friendlier than what I expected. An year or two elder than me, she took the responsibility of me for the next 3 to 4 hours. Taking me around the fields and to the shallow sides of canal, she entertained me very well. What I enjoyed the most in that village was the time I spend with a fishing rod, trying to catch a fish or two from the lake. Though I failed to catch even a single prey on my hook, I enjoyed the tasty fish fries made by the girl’s mother for our lunch that day. A few fishes, some duck eggs, and a few hibiscus flowers were in a pack with me on our way back to home.  That was all from a vague memory of my first trip to Alleppey.

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