Jaunt Monkey Destinations: When you choose a destination, there are several things you may need to know; how to reach, the things to see and do, where to stay, what to eat, how to be safe and how to save money. Our destination guides are meant to help you in some of these areas. Basic destination guides can be accessed from our links below.

Note that some of these destination guides were written by our contributors. If a destination guide included here has our (Jey’s or Key’s) own experience, it will be mentioned in the page. 

Destinations (alphabetical order)

Djibouti | Jaunt Monkey DestinationsBANGLADESH

Djibouti | Jaunt Monkey DestinationsDJIBOUTI

Egypt | Jaunt Monkey DestinationsEGYPT

Eritrea | Jaunt Monkey DestinationsERITREA

Ethiopia | Jaunt Monkey DestinationsETHIOPIA

Ghana | Jaunt Monkey DestinationsGHANA

India | Jaunt MonkeyINDIA

Kenya | Jaunt Monkey DestinationKENYA

Madagascar | Jaunt Monkey DestinationMADAGASCAR

Maldives | Jaunt Monkey DestinationMALDIVES


Oman | Jaunt MonkeyOMAN

Rwanda | Jaunt Monkey RWANDA

Somalia | Jaunt MonkeySOMALIA

Sri Lanka | Jaunt MonkeySRI LANKA

Tanzania | Jaunt MonkeyTANZANIA

Uganda | Jaunt MonkeyUGANDA

UAE | Jaunt MonkeyUAE

Our destination guides are knitted from our own travel experiences. We are mentioning some of the most vital information that we needed to have before our journey. We will make sure to update our destination guide at least once a year for your convenience and ease of use. On your journey, if you find a thing that has changed from what we have written, please do write to and let us know about the changes. That would help other travelers to plan their trips better.

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