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Nestled in the Horn of Africa with beautiful beaches and islands on the coastal Red Sea, Eritrea is a major travel destination in East Africa. Though its soaring relationship with Ethiopia affected the country’s tourism inflow, Eritrea attracts many by bestowing its historical and natural appeal. Here in Jaunt Monkey’s Eritrea Travel Guide, we are presenting a few useful tips, travel experiences, and Eritrea attractions.

Eritrea has its borders with Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Sudan. Some of the awe inspiring natural beauties including beaches, reefs, islands, mountains, and geographical depressions, can inspire even those with least passion for travel. Follow our Eritrea travel guide for the newest updates on Eritrea travel tips and Eritrea travel experiences.

A church in Keren of Eritrea | Eritrea Travel Guide
A church in Keren of Eritrea
Catterdale di Asmara | Eritrea Tourism Guide

10 Major Attractions of Eritrea

Eritrea, the northwestern African country, whose name transliterates to “red” due to its location along the coast of the Red ...
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Adulis of Eritrea | Eritrea Travel Guide

Adulis, the Ancient Port of Eritrea

Adulis or Aduli, located in Eritrea is a historical site and ancient port of Eritrea. This port city on the ...
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A church in Keren of Eritrea | Eritrea Travel Guide

Keren in Eritrea, the cultural capital of Eritrea

Keren, the picturesque mountain city of Eritrea is must go-to place in Eritrea. Keren in Eritrea is the second largest ...
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Dahlak Islands of Eritrea

The Dahlak Islands of Eritrea | Jaunt Monkey’s Places of Interest

Located in the Red Sea, Dahlak Islands, the Eritrean archipelago and one of the major tourist places in Eritrea, consists ...
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Capital city of Eritrea, Asmara attractions

Asmara Attractions, Eritrea Tourism | Jaunt Monkey Travel Guide

The city of Asmara, nicknamed as “Piccola Roma” or “Little Rome” because of the strong Italian influence on its architecture, ...
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Semenawi Bahri | Eritrea Tourism Guide

Best of Eritrea | Eritrea Tourism Guide

Situated along the Red Sea, this north eastern African country is one of the countries that make up the “Horn ...
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Basics: Eritrea Travel Guide

Capital of Eritrea: Asmara

Currency: Eritrean nakfa

Largest city: Asmara

National language(s): Tigrinya

Major tourist places in Eritrea: Asmara, Debre Bizen Monastery, Massawa, Filfil, Matara Ruins, and many more

Best time to visit Ethiopia: September to February is the best time to visit Eritrea. However, when visiting lower lands, it is better to consider November to March as the best time. 

These days, African nations are giving tough competition to their European counterparts when it comes to tourism. Eritrea, a tiny nation located in East Africa along the coasts of Red Sea, is a new entrant in this field. A country with a tumultuous past, Eritrea attained independent existence only in the recent past. Nevertheless, if what you want is an offbeat destination untouched by commercial tourism, Eritrea is for you.

Capital city Asmara is a wonderland in itself. Eritrea was once an Italian colony and Asmara is the living example of those influences. With streets lined with cafes and pastry shops, Asmara is an idyllic city with a laidback approach. Art deco buildings built by Italian colonists adorn the place. A city which has been described by UNESCO as ‘exceptional example of modernist urbanism’, wouldn’t you love to walk along those roads?

The ancient port city of Massawa is another place where you get remnants of Italian architecture. The place was once called ‘Pearl of Red Sea’. Dahlak archipelago with its spectacular beauty is something that steals your heart. Yacht cruises are popular here, so hop on to a yacht and splash the waters of Red Sea, listening to the cries of sea birds!

Eritrea is not your conventional tourist spot and there are travel restrictions for moving out of Asmara, but it is surely worth a try for those who love traversing to intriguing places.

We will be regularly updating Eritrea Travel guide with more destination facts and travel blogs.