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Ethiopia Travel Guide: Addis Ababa, the name itself sounds so unique! Yes, African nation Ethiopia, of which Addis Ababa is the capital, is a unique nation. Though not a prototypical tourist destination, Ethiopia with its majestic virgin landscape, has the potential to make it big in tourism.

Omo Valley Tribes - Ethiopian Attractions
Ethiopia Travel Guide

A country with amazing geographical diversity, Ethiopia has mountains and deserts to tropical forests. The land where the magnificent Blue Nile has taken birth surely deserves more attention, right? Bubbling volcanoes, deep canyons and rift valleys, every sight in Ethiopia is unlike other parts of the world. Simien Mountains is for those trekkers who are done with the less exciting trails. Here in Simien, it is about confronting the biggest sculptor and creator, Nature! Rugged tracks, lush plateaus, alpine meadows and amazing wildlife welcomes trekkers in this paradise.

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Ethiopia Travel Guide

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Basics: Ethiopia Travel Guide

Capital of Ethiopia: Addis Ababa

Currency: Ethiopian birr

Largest city: Addis Ababa

National language(s): Amharic

Major destinations of Ethiopia: Simien Mountains National Park, Erta Ale, Danakil Depression, Lalibela, Dallol, Fasil Ghebbi, Axum, Awasa, Omo National Park, Lake Tana, Bahir dar and many more. 

Best time to visit Ethiopia: The dry season is the best time to visit Ethiopia, which is between October and May. Ethiopia has high altitude and the weather is usually cold. 

Are you still wondering why to visit Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is famed as the only African nation that did not fall victim to European colonization. There is enough of history spread over the land in the form of obelisks, mosques and tombs that give an insight into the country’s rich cultural heritage. Head to Omo Valley and you will feel like you have taken a journey back in time. Tribals with their bizarre ornaments and dresses may look like savages, but they are as human as you and me.

Ethiopia is not for all. If it is just the thrill of new things, places and people that you want and are confident not to crib about little discomforts, head to Ethiopia.