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Ghana Travel Guide: Did you think that African nations are all about famines and poverty? That there is no glam or glitz anywhere in Africa? Head to Ghana and you will be forced to change your perception. Located on the western coast of Africa, Ghana is an amazing nation with an assortment of attractions, beaches, forts, national parks, castles and what not!

Nicknamed as ‘Africa for beginners’, Ghana is the ideal nation to get to know this diverse continent. Atlantic coast and pristine beaches along the coast are the biggest catch of Ghana. Serene blue waters, soft white sands and miles of shores to stroll along, all of these come with the additional advantage of not being overcrowded. Cape Coast castle, the ancient castle located on the coast, has a fairy tale look to it. This and the other majestic castles which are leftovers of European colonial forces, give you a peek into the history of this country.

Ghana Travel Guide | Jaunt Monkey Destinations
Ghana Travel Guide

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Basics: Ghana Travel Guide

Capital of Ghana: Accra

Currency: Ghanaian cedi

Largest city: Accra

National language(s): English

Major destinations of Ghana: Kakum National Park, Cape Coast Castle, Mole National Park, Lake Bosumtwi, Mount Afadja, Fort Coenraadsburg, and many more. 

Best time to visit Ghana: It is better to visit Ghana when it is less humid. October to March is comparatively cooler and lesser on on humidity. 

Are you still wondering why to visit Ghana?

Africa without jungles loses half the charm, right? Kakum and Mole national parks in Ghana are for nature lovers. Such amazing wild forms that you will simply keep gazing, maybe even forgetting to capture them in your camera. The canopy skywalk will give you the feel of walking over the jungle!

Whether it is jungles and beaches or history and culture that amuses you, Ghana is your one-stop solution for the perfect African holiday. Explore and enjoy.