How to Travel For Free and Make Some Money

People often ask me how I manage my travel expenses. Most of the time, I show them my blog and escape the question. That way I get a regular visitor to my blog and help someone to answer his own question. But, is there something like travel for free? Is that really possible? Yes, it is possible.  In this article I am discussing about “how to travel for free”.

How To Travel For Free?
How To Travel For Free?

1. Start Your Travel Blog

If you are serious about travel and living, my very first suggestion is to start your own blog. Blogging is not a fashion, but a way to market yourself and of course a source of income too.  Having a travel blog and a few social media profiles, like that of your Instagram and Facebook Page, you will be well regarded as an influencer. Influencers are highly demanded in the arena of digital marketing and of course, you are opening a lot many options for income generation here. So, blogging is a perfect answer for your question, “how to travel for free, and earn some pocket money too”.

2. Get Paid to Ski or Snowboard

No, you don’t have to be an expert in skiing or snowboarding. Actually, you don’t even have to know any of these sporting activities. You can earn some good pocket money and gain an opportunity to learn skiing in some of the most beautiful places on the Earth.

There are several Ski Resorts in New Zealand, Colorado, California, and Mammoth inviting people to join them from all over the world to fill positions ranging from hotel and restaurant staff to ticket agents. While there are plenty of options, make sure that you apply much ahead of the season to win a chance for being selected. You can easily find these options by searching on Google or visiting websites like CoolWorks. Not only at a Ski Resort, CoolWorks also offers many similar and interesting opportunities for you to find jobs that help you to meet your travel expenses.

3. Speak English and Meet Your Travel Expenses

Are you good at speaking English? If yes, you don’t have to search anymore for how to travel for free. All you have to do is signup for a work exchange experience that demands you to converse with students in English. The program is aimed for improving the students’ English skills. There are many corporate houses sending their staff to these exchange programs for honing their conversation skills and improve their communications with clients.

You will get a whole week time to converse with students in English and in return you will earn free room and board during the entire time of volunteering. EnglishOutThere and many other websites do offer such opportunities for English Speakers. More than just getting a room and board, you are also getting a chance to interact with local people and get to know about their culture and customs.

4. Be an Au pair

Au pairing is becoming popular nowadays. An Au pair is a foreign person who wants to travel the world, experience new culture, learn new languages, and take part in adventure trips. In exchange for getting what they need, the young Au pairs offer 25 to 30 hours of help to a local family who usually provides food and accommodation, may be sometimes pocket money too.

You can search for Au pairing options on Google search or on dedicated websites like AuPairWorld. However, while searching for a host family, make sure that the help they expect from you can be delivered and you are like-minded. Selecting a like-minded family will help you get along with each other quicker and easier.

Au pair is a great option if you are thinking of how to travel for free while getting closer to the local culture and practices. Some of these families are pretty generous to offer you a flight ticket to your next destination, helping you to meet your future journeys.

5. Sell Photographs

Are you good at taking photographs? Have a decent camera with you? Take as many as good but natural snaps, and start selling your photographs online. Some of the photographs are sold at a premium price that you won’t have to look for sponsors for an year’s travel.

There are several websites where you can sell your travel photographs online and get an attractive share as royalty. iStock Photo is one among them, but not the only one. If your photographs are good enough, you don’t have to find another source for funding your travel expenses.

6. WWOOF Can Help You To Travel For Free

Think of working with locals in a vineyard somewhere in Catalonia.  Or a coffee plantation in Togo. WWOOF gives you an opportunity to work on organic and sustainable properties in exchange of free food and stay. You may have to dedicate four to six hours of work in an organic farm everyday while you enjoy a closer interaction with local people. After your daily shift in the local farm, you are free to explore that village and the places around. WWOOF will not only help you to travel for free but also get a chance to explore some of the places which otherwise difficult to reach.

7. How To Travel For Free With CouchSurfing?

You must be already using some of the social networks, like Facebook and Instagram. While some of these social networks are perfect solutions for how to travel for free, CouchSurfing is a social network that helps you to connect with local hosts. They allow you to stay in their home for free; may be on their couch or an independent room. CouchSurfing is a perfect option for those who are interested in travel and cultural exchange. It is mostly based on the references that others leave for individuals and the hosts. But, why CouchSurfing is popular among travelers? The answer is simple; it is a good way to interact with locals and get to know more about the place. More than all, it does not cost you anything.

8. Volunteer at a Hostel

Many a times you may come across a hostel or a homestay that you love staying for an extended period of time to explore the place a little more deeper. You don’t have anything to loose for asking if they have any volunteer opportunities in exchange for free stay and food. While this is a great opportunity to extend your stay while traveling abroad, it can also give a bondage with the hostel. These volunteer opportunities can be anything like working in the hostel, training aerobics, or offering cooking classes for the guests.

9. Be a Guide

Are you traveling to a country that you know a lot about? Why don’t you announce a walking tour or a ride in the place where you invite people to join you? This way you can explore places, meet people, interact with them, and travel for free. Most of these guided tours give you too little income, but will be sufficient to cover the cost of your travel.

10. Write Guide Books

Can you convert your travel experiences into a perfect guide book for other travelers? There are several guide book sellers in the market, why people should buy my guide book? Well, people love to read from a real traveler’s experience. They wish to see the places and do the things the way you have done. However, writing a guide book alone will not give you the needed income, but you need to market them too. If you are not keen about writing guide books, but love to write travel fictions, start writing and publishing your beautifully narrated fictions.

Do not forget to check out my guide on writing travel stories and travel fictions.

11. Sell Your Skills

You got skills? Are you an expert in surfing, rock climbing, or scuba diving? You can offer your skills at a resort in exchange for free stay and food, and may be with some earnings too. If you are good at certain languages, you can also offer a language training program. Some of you may be good at digital marketing, so propose your prospective customer – the resort itself.

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