Illikkal Kallu: At 3400 Feet ASL in Kerala

Illikkal Kallu: Standing Up Among the Hills

Planning a picnic when you are in Kerala? Or, are you planning a journey through Vagamon? Whether it is sunny or rainy, you must not miss Illikkal Kallu during your Vagamon trip. At an approximate elevation of 3400 feet above sea level, Illikkal Kallu was almost impossible to reach until recent time. The peaks of Illikkal Kallu can offer you one of the best high-point views in Kerala. The green valleys that tempting to touch the splashy blue sky changes its colors and patterns frequently.

Due to its unique structure or due to the elevation, the local people called the peak as Sathan Kallu, meaning the devil’s rock. In fact, the place was too remote for humans to reach, at least until a few years back. A small trek to reach the view point was 3 kilometers of trek then. Today the view point is easily accessible after a trek of 100 to 150 meters. Until the base you can avail Jeep services.

There are no accommodation facilities here, but one can find luxury and budget accommodations in and near Vagamon. Vagamon is less than 30 kilometers from Illikkal Kallu. Of course, the roads are winding and the sides are dense. On your journey to Illikkal Kallu and further from there, you can be easily consumed by the beauty of the valley.

How to reach there?

Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport is the nearest Airport at a distance of 83 kilometers. You can find public transports from the airport to Illikkal Kallu. You can also hire a taxi or rent a bike to define a trip in your own style.

Nearest Railway Station: Though Ettumanoor is the nearest railway station (48 kilometers), Kottayam is the nearest major railway station at a distance of 56 kilometers.

By Road: A bike ride through Illikkal Kallu, Ilaveezhapoonchira and Vagamon is something unbeatable. However, you can also visit the place by driving a car or by hiring a car. State Transport Corporation is running buses to Illikkal Kallu, a risk free big mode travel option.

Thing to do or see:

The view point: The major attractions here starts with the peak itself. The high pointing peak is unique in its structure and high in its placement. The view from here is thrilling and the trek to the view point is fun, though short.

The waterfalls: At less than 2 kilometers of distance from the view point is Kattikayam waterfalls. The waterfalls is splendid to visit and enjoy during the Monsoon days of Kerala. However, the slippery rocks needs to be taken care.

Ilaveezhapoonchira: Yet another beautiful view point of Kerala is located at a distance less than 14 kilometers. You can read our Ilaveezhapoonchira guide here.



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