Illikkal Kallu: Standing Up Among the Hills

When I titled this post as “Illikkal Kallu: Standing Up Among the Hills“, I really meant it. It is one piece of a huge rock protruding from Earth to the heights of sky. No, it is the tallest among the two that reaches the heights with a vast area of hillocks beneath. I must admit that the spot gives one of the best view points in Kerala.

Illikkal Kallu: Standing Up Among the Hills
Illikkal Kallu: Standing Up Among the Hills

As we started off from Ilaveezhapoonchira, the time was almost half past ten, and we were hit by hunger and thirst. There were not even a single kiosk to find some water. Our experience that morning on the rough road helped us to continue the journey without any casualty. Yet, at many points, Kay had to get off from the bike. We must have rode for almost 30 minutes and a beautiful stream of water was on our right. The hill was covered with bushes on its top and the spring was oozing down as if it was created to quench our thirst. We stopped over and gulped down a few hand fulls of nature’s gift. The water was extremely fresh and moderately cold. I sprinkled some of it on my face and was refreshed instantly.

By the Stream

It was on only the spring-side rock we looked on our google maps… Oops… we lost our way. Returning was not so easy, but we din’t have to go all the way back until Ilaveezhapoonchira. We rode almost a kilometer and we found a small roadside restaurant with a kiosk attached to it. We stopped there and enjoyed our breakfast with Kerala’s special Paal Appam (a type of pancake) and the gravy of egg curry. As the season was for lent, we avoided eggs and took just the gravy. The lady who run the shop guided us from there to reach our next destination.

The road ahead was bumpy at first and smoother after a while. Yet, the curves and turns were too sharp and steep. Wow! we started seeing the two protruding peaks. They were like two Goliaths in the midst of many Davids. There were small hillocks around them but the two peaks were unique and inviting. At last we were at the bottom of the peaks and had to park our bike to get a pass. We took our passes and bought tickets for jeep safari. Well… the jeep safari lasted only ten minutes and we were right below the peaks.

Illikkal Kallu: Standing Up Among the Hills

The view was astonishing and the tourists were busy taking snaps from all possible angles. There was a small trek of almost 100 meters and we did it with no efforts. Superb! I was seeing a whole world beneath me. The Arabian Sea was on the far horizon and we could spot it as an unclear blue pattern. The sun was burning right over our head but the breeze did not let us down under the cruel light rays. Lucky we were… or, I must say unlucky we were to miss the strong winds on the top of Illikkal Kallu. Unlike most other days, that day was calm on the top. There were no storms neither a strong wind; we just missed the experience of withstanding the storm.

Standing on the top of that hill we could only get a closer view of the taller rock-structure just a few meters away. Yes, the government restrictions and the topology doesn’t allow us to climb the tallest among the two. Truly, Illikkal Kallu: Standing Up Among the Hills.

Parippu Vada
Parippu Vada

With I The Biker Members
With I, The Biker Members

On our return, at the base of Illikkal Kallu, we waited in a small kiosk for the Jeep to pick us. To engage the shopkeeper or to satisfy our appetite, we bought two Parippu Vadas – a Kerala delicacy made from lentils. It was in the kiosk we met a group of bikers. On their T-shirts it was written I, The Biker. We shared a few stories between us and took a few snaps together. That was it… we were already late for the day.

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