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India, the land of Himalayas, the land of cultural diversity, has always been on the radar of tourists from all over the world. Stretching from Kashmir in the north to Kanyakumari in south, every part of India has a different landscape and culture to present before tourists. India destinations always remain on the wish list of those who have not been to this incredible nation. Here’s a quick India travel guide for prospective travelers.

India Inspires!

It is true that one visit to India is not sufficient to traverse the entire country. There is no other country which truly lives up to the age-old adage ‘variety is the spice of life’. From culture to cuisine, every state in the country is different from the rest. India tourism is strongly backed by its Vedic heritage and cultural landmarks. A skim through India travel guide will give you an idea about what to expect while in India.

Delhi and Around

Capital city of Delhi is blessed with a pleasant climate for almost the entire year except in summers when sun can get rough. Adorned with remnants of British Empire which ruled the country for over 200 years, the city is unlike any other capital. Here old merges with new in a dramatic pattern. When talking about India travel guide, we must mention a few places that brings attention around Delhi. 

  • Not far away from Delhi lies the majestic Taj Mahal, one of the seven modern wonders of the world. Taj Mahal with its brilliant white structures, has always been on the forefront of India destinations.

  • The state of Himachal Pradesh, close to Delhi is another heaven in itself. From Shimla to Kinnaur, every place in Himachal attracts tourists with astounding mountainscape.

  • Uttarakhand, the land of Gods, offers stunning views of Himalayas from every part of it. Being home to many holy places for Hindus, this state finds lots of spiritual seekers.

Vibrant Mumbai

Hotel Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai Why visit India
Hotel Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

Mumbai, the commercial capital of India may not be the quintessential tourist destination. But the vibrancy and warmth of people of Mumbai has made it one among the places to visit in India and an important mention in our India travel guide.

  • Elephanta caves, located on an island off Mumbai harbour is famed for its sculpted caves depicting Hindu mythology. The cave is of such ancient origin that the identity of its sculptors is still unknown.

  • Marine Drive, the 3 km long boulevard along the coast is major amongst attractions of India. This semi-circular construction when lighted in the night, is such a spectacular sight that it has earned the name, Queen’s necklace.

  • Secularism is at its best in Mumbai. Worship places of all religions, be it the Haji Ali for Muslims, Siddhivinayak temple for Hindus or Mount Mary church for Christians, are equally revered by masses.

Colorful Rajasthan

Hawa Mahal of Rajasthan
Hawa Mahal of Rajasthan

The word Rajasthan should bring to your mind a myriad of colors. Such is the magnificence of the state. Prominent among India destinations, this state portrays a different picture of India.

  • The Pink city of Jaipur got its name from saffron and pink colored buildings. Hawa Mahal, with its 953 small windows, leaves tourists speechless.

  • Jodhpur, the golden city, lies in the heart of Thar Desert. With magnificent architecture and unique crafts, the city thrives on tourism.

  • Want to watch a camel fair? In Pushkar of Rajasthan, you can. The annual camel fair of the region attracts flocks of locals and tourists. Catch a slice of India from this holy city.

Mighty Himalayas

Dal Lake on Himalayas
Dal Lake on Himalayas

A list of India destinations is incomplete when Himalayas do not appear in it. Snow peaked mountains and serene valleys are feasts for your eyes.

  • The states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal and Uttarakhand are situated on the feet on the mighty mountain. All of these northern states are flag bearers of India tourism.

  • The pristine beauty of Leh and Ladakh, lying ahead of Kashmir valley makes it a dream for all wanderlusts.

  • Kanchenjunga, the highest mountain peak in India, lies on Indo- Nepal border. Standing tall amidst shorter counterparts, this peak deserves a mention among the attractions of India.

Southern flavors

Backwaters of Kerala
Backwaters of Kerala

Moving on to the southern part, there are India destinations of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu all of which are as inviting as the northern states, though in a different way. Being close to sea, this region experiences a tropical climate.

  • Kanyakumari, the southern tip of India is also a known pilgrimage place. The amazing aspect of this place is that here you get to watch both sunset and sunrise. Isn’t that two for the price of one?

  • Every India travel guide will have a mention of Coorg in Karnataka as the coffee capital of India. The pleasant climate and stunning greenery attracts visitors throughout the year.

  • Kerala, famed as God’s own country, is one of the best places to visit in India. Backwaters of Kerala are a unique experience, especially with a stay in one of the local houseboats. Known for its delicacies, Kerala is a boon for tourists who want to relish new tastes while in India. Kochi, the commercial capital of Kerala is a mixture of traditional and modern lifestyles. 

High on connectivity

As India ranks high as a major tourist destination, it is well connected to the rest of the world. It would not be an overstatement to say that you can reach India from any part of the world, except may be a few odd countries. Inside the country also, connectivity is pretty good. Air travel has progressed a lot in the last decade making all India destinations easily accessible. To add to it is the rail transport connecting even remotest areas. Road transport is also well developed and efficient.

Stay at ease

Accommodation need not pose a threat to tourists while in India. Those who are comfortable with swanky resorts have variety to choose from. Even if you are a bit stringent with pockets, no worries. In Himalayan regions of Leh and Ladakh, camping options also are available in plenty. What better way to be one with nature? In short, tourists are spoilt for choice when it comes to staying options. A little research can fetch good bargains.

Pack sweet memories

India, the dream country, welcomes travelers with warm hearts and bright smile. There is no reason to think twice before packing your bags to India. Travel to your content and leave with sweet memories of the trip. 

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