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India Travel Guide: Undeniably, India is one of the best nations in Asian continent. A land of diverse cultures, languages and cuisines, a land where every part is different from the rest, it is a must for every traveler to visit this wonderful land at least once.

India is a huge nation spread from Kashmir in the north to Kanyakumari in the south. If the Himalayas in the north are mesmerizing, the confluence of three oceans in south is no less. Towards the eastern side lie the ‘seven sister states’, offering splendid natural beauty, less explored and therefore more charming. From the capital Delhi to colorful state of Rajasthan, the entire northern part is a medley of colors and cultures. Lip smacking cuisine is the specialty of these areas.

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Basics: India Travel Guide

Capital of India: New Delhi

Currency: Indian Ruppee

Largest city: Mumbai

National language(s): Hindi

Major destinations of India: India is a large country with plenty of attractions. However, the destinations that attracted most tourists include Agra (for Taj Mahal), Delhi (both old and new), Rajasthan (for Royal palaces and forts), Kerala (for backwaters), Goa (for beaches), and more.

Best time to visit India: Once again, India is huge with diverse weather patterns. In general, India is best visited between October and March.

Move to the western side and you have Gujarat and Maharashtra, with enough history to fill volumes of texts. Central and southern parts of India are equally marvelous. Kerala, with its emerald green cover and quaint little backwaters stand on top of the list of tourist attractions. The ethereal charm of Himalayas have never failed to meet expectations of tourists. Water enthusiasts, head to the coastal states, and those who love unspoiled nature, move eastward. In India, it is difficult to pin-point one place as the best.

In a country which magnetically attracts visitors from around the world, it is just not possible to stop with one holiday. Visit once, and you will feel tied to this mystical land. Get best from our India Travel Guide and enjoy your trips in India.