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Keny Travel Guide: Looks like you have decided that African safaris and wildlife are next in line for your travel. No wonder you have stumbled upon this piece of information on Kenya, which is one among the best that Africa has to offer. Located in East Africa along the coasts of Indian Ocean, Kenya is a top destination in Africa. Get more about Kenya from our Kenya Destination Guide.

Kenya Travel Guide
Giraffes in Masai Mara | Kenya Travel Guide

 Can you believe that there are around 60 national park in this country? Every one of it is a feast for your eyes. Maasai Mara, one of the largest game reserves of Kenya, is known for sightings of big prowlers of the jungle, lions, cheetahs and the rest. Annual migration, where zebras and wildebeest travel across the savannah lands in search of water, is an outstanding show arranged by nature. Lake Nakuru National Park is another place which looks like a cut-out straight from picture books. Flocks of pink flamingoes adding color to the entire lake! Get to know more about Kenya from our Kenya Travel Guide.

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Basics: Kenya Travel Guide

Capital of Kenya: Nairobi

Currency: Kenyan shilling

Largest city: Nairobi

National language(s): English and Swahili

Major destinations of Kenya: Maasai Mara, Amboseli National Park, Lake Nakuru, Tsavo East National Park, Samburu National Reserve, Diani Beach, Hell’s Gate National Park, Lake Bogoria, Nairob, and many more. 

Best time to visit Kenya: if your objective is to watch wildlife, the best time to visit Kenya is the dry season. Kenya has its dry season between June and October. And if you are considering weather as a major factor, once again the dry season is best to visit Kenya. 

Are you still wondering why to visit Kenya?

Great Rift Valley runs through the middle of Kenya and has given rise to an amazing topography. With innumerable lakes, volcanoes and steep descents, the rift is another world. A world not to be missed when you are anywhere in Africa! Africa’s second highest peak, Mount Kenya, with its snow-covered peaks, looks just one step away from heaven. A trek to the top promises a magnificent view and is a favorite of trekkers.

With such spectacular national parks, intriguing valleys and endearing people, you are going to love a holiday in Kenya.

We will be updating more about Kenya in our Kenya Travel Guide in the form of destination guides to help you get a better understanding about the country.