A Journey Kissed By Rains, My Rameswaram Trip- Day 1 | Kerala Coastal Road Trip

Kerala Coastal Road Trip to Varkala: Some dreams take a long time to materialize, but when they do, they fill us with so much happiness that it is difficult to put them into words. My trip to Rameswaram was just that. The long-awaited trip happened, with monsoon playing the perfect companion. I had initially considered a ride on my sturdy two-wheeler, but four-wheeler looked to be the safer option. Let me reminisce the first day of the journey, a coastal road trip to Varkala from Cochin.

Kerala Coastal Road Trip | Rameswaram Road Trip – 1

Starting before the sun

I started off from Cochin quite early in the morning, marking the beginning of Kerala Coastal Road Trip that extended until Rameswaram in Tamilnadu. I decided to sidestep the much-traveled highways, and drove along smaller roads, enjoying the beauty of coastal Kerala. Roads were more or less abandoned. Slight drizzle along with the greenery on the sides, gave us the perfect start. An early morning drive along the coastal roads of Kerala is something that I would strongly recommend to anyone. No better healing potion to energize your soul!

Andhakaranazhi and Thaikal beaches

Fishermen on Marari Beach | Kerala Coastal Road Trip
Fishermen on Marari Beach

Although we had to travel all the way to Varkala, some places on the way literally arrested us. Andhakaranazhi beach was the first among those. A small, pretty beach, without any touch of tourist activities paused my Kerala coastal road trip. A stream on one side, hurrying to join the sea, was a lovely sight! I saw fishermen readying for their routine, and also sand being taken for commercial uses.

Thaikal beach was a little ahead of Andhakaranazhi. Google maps had given me the notion that it was a huge beach. But all I could see was a tiny beach surrounded by piled up stones, resembling a seawall. Climbing over the stones, I realized that the huge beach had been broken into fragments by these stone walls, probably as a protection against the onslaught of waves. Several of such small beaches lay one after the other. What a pretty picture it was! Early morning sun, clean white beaches, and the music of the rains, made a perfect romantic date with nature. I was starting to enjoy my Kerala coastal road trip to Varkala.

Stopped by rains at Marari

Marari Beach
Marari Beach

My first planned halt was the magnificent Marari beach. But here, rain turned against us. What was a drizzle till then, turned into torrential rain, and I could not even get out of my car. Sitting inside, I started worrying about my plans for the coming days. What if rains decide to play the villain during the entire Rameswaram trip?

After a while, the gods took pity on my plight, and rains slowed down. I got out with my umbrella. The unique charm of Marari beach was the array of coconut palms along the shore. No amount of rains could stop one from enjoying the wonderful sight of coconut trees dancing with the rhythm of winds!

Alleppey beach, the largest

Alappuzha Beach on Kerala Coastal Route
Alappuzha Beach on Kerala Coastal Route

Alleppey beach (Alappuzha) was the biggest I had seen so far, in the day. Our Kerala coastal road trip to Varkala was not yet over. Nevertheless, Alleppey was irresistible. Alleppey is known more for its backwaters, than beaches. I was pleasantly surprised to see the vast beach, almost devoid of any crowd. Of course, there will be few people who venture out to explore coastal Kerala, in the peak of monsoons.

The beach was so huge, you could turn it into several football grounds. What attracted me the most, was the remains of an ancient pier on the beach. The rusted remains jutting out into the sea, had an old-world charm. Alleppey beach had won my heart.

Kollam and beyond

A Beach Near Kollam
A Beach Near Kollam

By the time I reached Kollam, the sun was overhead. At Kollam my friend joined me for the rest of our journey. I had initially thought of having lunch from Kollam, but we moved on. Just a little after Kollam, on the way to Mayyanad, we chanced upon a unique sight. Remains of a dilapidated old ship stood on the shores! A totally unexpected sight, but marvelous in its own way.
The ship was so old that it was almost entirely covered in green moss. When the soapy waves lashed out over it, it resembled a Hollywood movie setting. I had no idea about the name of the beach. Some of the subscribers of my Jaunt Monkey channel told me later that it was called Kakkathoppu beach, while some said it was Iravipuram beach. I am still not sure.

Destination Varkala | Kerala Coastal Road Trip -1

Varkala Beach
Varkala Beach

Devoid of lunch, with our tummies on fire, we reached Varkala. We headed straight to ‘Velliyazchakavu Toddy Shop,’ where we had our sumptuous lunch. I relished local delicacies, cassava and duck fry. Finally, we reached our home for the day, ‘Varkala Marine Palace,’ an exquisite resort very close to the Papanasham beach in Varkala. Monsoons being an off-season in Varkala, we had the entire resort to ourselves.

Our Kerala coastal road trip to Varkala, was very delightful. But I still had miles to go. Read about the remaining part of my Rameswaram trip in the next blog – Varkala Beaches.

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