Kochi to Athirappilly | From Jaunt Monkey’s Kochi – Valparai – Marayoor – Kochi Ride

Riding solo through the curvy roads of Kerala, seeing the lush green forests and beautifully trimmed tea gardens, and stopping at some of the countryside kiosks for some real Indian roadside taste, I had it all on my Kochi to Kochi circular bike ride through Athirappilly, Malakkappara, Valaparai, Thirumoorthy, Marayoor, Munnar, and Kottayam. This is the first part of my solo ride through Valparai to Marayoor where you will read and watch my riding experience from Kochi to Athirappilly.

Kochi until Athirappilly bike ride

On May 20, of 2017, when I started off from Kochi, it was just 5:00 in the morning. I had a long way to ride to reach Marayoor at least by 5:00 in the evening. While the sun was still hiding behind the horizon, I set out to chase Athirappilly on NH 47. After riding almost 30 kilometers, and crossing Aluva and Cochin International Airport (junction on NH 47), I took a right turn to pick a slightly rough road through the countryside of Kerala. I continued my journey from Kochi to Athirappilly, calm and relaxed.

A Photo Ride on Valparai - Marayoor Route (Road to Athirappally)
Road through the palm grove

The road was narrower but the freshness of air and the loneliness of that village could only inspire me on my way. Not long from there, my journey entered into a different landscape,  through the middle of a beautiful palm grove. Even during the peak season of summer, the palm grove was blessed with giggling streams and natural springs. I couldn’t hold my mind from stopping at a couple of places for enjoying the natures beauty.

After almost 50 minutes, I crossed Chalakkudy River and continued eastward with the river flowing on my right. Not so far from there, I could see the first sight of Athirappilly water falls. I stopped my bike and got down to see the ripened cashew apples scattered all around from a tree that grew taller from the trench besides the road. A squirrel sat inside the borrow that it created on a jack fruit and peeped at me while a crow tried its best to chase the squirrel and establish its dominance. Yet the lone fruit hanged on to the tree on its reducing stalk. From that distance, Athirappilly water falls looked like an overgrown stream.

A Photo Ride on Valparai - Marayoor Route (Athirappally falls)
View of Athirappilly Falls from the road

The time was only 6:40 in the morning and the gates to Athirappilly falls would open only at 8:00. My decision was to continue the journey, but on my way I stopped at the second sight of the falls and at the entrance of the falls. While I stopped at the entrance, a battalion of monkeys got my attention. They knew the time for tourists are almost near. Old, young, infants and mothers crossed the tarmac road with cautious steps. As far as the falls attract tourists, they won’t have to look for food in the jungle, but what if a day comes for Athirappilly with no tourists? I asked this question to myself as I completed my Kochi to Athirappilly ride.

Athirappilly waterfalls can also be spelled as Athirappally water falls. Athirappilly water falls is located on Chalakkuddy River. You can find Jaunt Monkey’s Athirappilly Destination Guide here.

My ride continued… You will love to watch and read my riding experience through the Vazhachal forest for almost 44 kilometers (please wait for this video to be published, alternatively you can subscribe to Jaunt Monkey Channel to get regular updates).

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