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India is famed to be a land of temples. From time immemorial, Hinduism has paid reverence to the forces of nature. Hence it is not surprising that sun, the ultimate source of all energy, is worshiped as a god. When you plan a pilgrimage in India, sun temples do find a place in your itinerary. Let us walk through the list of top sun temples in India.

A Comprehensive List of Top Sun Temples in India

Konark Sun Temple

Orissa's Konark Temple
Orissa’s Konark Temple

This is the sun temple that deserves a place in the list of top sun temples in India. Located in Orissa, this temple is a feast for eyes with its unique architecture. The chariot shaped structure has 12 pairs of wheels and seven horses depicted as pulling the chariot. The outer walls of the temple have several figurines of dancers and musicians carved on it. Every part of this amazing architecture has a story to tell the visitors. This one of the must visit temples in India. Even if you are a non-believer, the structure will leave you spellbound. Read more about Konark Sun Temple.

Modhera Sun Temple

Modhera Sun Temple Gujarat
Modhera Sun Temple Gujarat | Img Courtesy: Sudhamshu Hebbar Flickr

Another temple that occupies a prominent place among Hindu sun temples in India is the one in Modhera, Gujarat. Though the temple is no longer open for worship, the intricately designed stone pillars and interiors are marvelous. The temple is divided into three portions, Sabhamandap, suryakund and gudhamandap. Built on a high platform, the temple looks stunning with its architectural beauty. It is the suryakund or the stepwell that immediately captures your attention. The perfect symmetry with which stone steps have been laid out defies all modern wisdom!

Brahmanya Dev Temple

Unao Sun Temple
Unao Sun Temple

This temple located in Unao, Madhya Pradesh, is another destination for temple tourism in India. The temple has a unique architecture with the image of god fixed on top of a brick platform. The phases of sun are engraved on the walls. People throng the temple as the deity is said to be the curer of skin ailments.

Martand Sun Temple

Martand Sun Temple in Jammu and Kashmir
Martand Sun Temple in Jammu and Kashmir | Img courtesy Wikimedia

Martand temple located in Jammu and Kashmir, is another addition to the list of top sun temples in India. This limestone temple which is one of the oldest in the state, is a fitting tribute to the archaeological skills of Kashmiri craftsmen. Though a major portion of the temple is dilapidated and ignored, it is still worth a visit, so that you can learn about those good old days!

Dakshinaarka Temple

Gaya in Bihar is a hotspot for pilgrimage in India. It is here that the Dakshinaarka temple, one of the major Hindu sun temples in India, is located. Sun worship was widely prevalent in ancient Gaya, so this temple has lots of religious significance. Not to mention, the amazing architecture like most other sun temples, is a visual treat. During Chatt, the religious festival of Bihar, thousands of devotees gather here to pay obeisance.

Surya Pahar Temple

Surya Pahar Temple
Surya Pahar Temple

Surya Prahar temple located in Assam occupies a place in the list of top sun temples in India, due to its archaeological significance, rather than religious. Excavations have unearthed many relics of a rich civilization that existed here. It is believed that sun was worshiped as the main deity as is shown from the name Surya Pahar, which means ‘hill of sun.’

Suryanar Kovil

Suryanar Kovil Tamil Nadu
Suryanar Kovil Tamil Nadu | Img Courtesy Wikimedia

This is one of the must visit temples in India, located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. The temple is constructed in the classical Dravidian style and is quite different from other sun temples. Apart from sun, all other planets are also worshiped as deities in this temple. There are some interesting myths surrounding the temple. Worth a trip.

Temple tourism is gaining momentum in India, as it is double treat for tourists. View the brilliant architecture and gain some spiritual quotient also! So why not start with the temples dedicated to sun, source of all light?

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