Madagascar Travel Guide

Madagascar is a name that shot to fame with the 2005 animation movie. The movie with its colorful portrayal of a wonderful land and its loveable inhabitants was a favorite with kids and adults. But did you know that the real Madagascar is also as pretty, if not prettier, as the movie? Get to know more about this paradise from our Madagascar travel guide here.

Madagascar Travel Guide
Madagascar Travel Guide

An island nation located off the coast of East Africa, Madagascar has such amazing geographical diversity that is difficult to find in one country. Tropical rain forests, dry deserts, limestone canyons and plateaus, unique flora and fauna, there is hardly any sight that is not found here. Being an island nation, move in any direction for a few hours and you get spectacular sea views. There are quite a few tranquil beaches, with all sorts of water activities.

Andasibe and Mantadia National Park

Andasibe and Mantadia National Park of Madagascar

In a country like Madagascar, which is filled with national parks it pays to stand out, and the Andasibe and ...
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Royal Hill of Ambohimanga in Madagascar

Royal Hill of Ambohimanga, a Sacred Destination in Madagascar

The Royal Hill of Ambohimanga is located in the Madagascar highlands, around 24 kilometers to the northeast of Antananarivo, the ...
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Masoala National Park of Madagascar

Masoala National Park, Madagascar’s Pride

Maso means “eye” and ala means “forest”, and Masoala can be translated as “eye of the forest”. Masoala National Park ...
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Ranomafana National Park Lemur

Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar

Why visit Ranomafana National Park? With picturesque waterfalls, majestic jungles and a spectacular range of endemic species of flora and ...
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Madagascar Travel Guide

The so called “8th Continent” – Madagascar Tourism Guide

Madagascar Tourism Guide: Madagascar, nicknamed as the Great Red Island (since the red clay soil dominates much of the central ...
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Basics: Madagascar Travel Guide

Capital of Madagascar: Antananarivo

Currency: Malagasy ariary and Malagasy franc

Largest city: Antananarivo

National language(s): French and Malagasy 

Major destinations of Madagascar: Isalo National Park, Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, Avenue of the Baobabs, Masoala National Park, Tsarabanjina, and more. 

Best time to visit Madagascar: Madagascar is considered as an all season destination. However the major wet season with heavy rainfall and possibilities of cyclones is between December and March. It is better to avoid the major wet season.  

Are you still wondering why to visit Madagascar?

Have you seen the baobab trees, with their unique shape, as though a child has made his first drawing of a tree? Well, in Madagascar, you can see an entire avenue with baobabs on both sides, making you feel like you have stepped into a picture-postcard! This exceptional landscape rarely will you find in any tourist place. Madagascar is also home to many unique species of reptiles, dragonflies, butterflies and beetles. But the one that takes the cake is the lemurs with their button shaped eyes. They are popularly known as ‘Madagascar’s flagship mammal species’.

So have we kindled a burning desire in your mind to visit this land of wonders? If so, don’t let that die down. And, if we would love to add your experience in Madagascar along with our Madagascar travel guide on Jaunt Monkey, provided you share it with us by mail.