Marine Drive of Kochi

One of the most happening spots in the city is located on the edge of Kochi, clinching on to the land from the backwaters. This picturesque promenade of the City is a place that the local community love to spend for a morning walk or to enjoy an evening with their family. Not just the local community, the Marine Drive of Kochi is undoubtedly one of the most visited tourist spots in the city.

The 1,400 meter long walkway is the primary attraction of Marine Drive. Unlike it’s counterpart from Mumbai, Marine Drive of Kochi does not give any opportunity to drive along the waterbody. If so, why the name ‘Marine Drive’? That’s a story! A story which began in 1980s. Period of 1980s witnessed the beginning of Kochi Marine Drive Project by Greater Cochin Development Authority (GCDA). Until then, the Shanmugham Road was literally a true Marine Drive. The Kochi Marine Drive Project claimed land from the lake with an intention to have a more lavish Marine Drive through the coastal line. Though the project advanced steadily, the enforcement of the Coastal Protection Laws in India during 1990s caused obstacles to have a road running closer to the coastal line. This forced the Greater Cochin development Authority to compromise with a walkway instead of a real Marine Drive. However, today the entire place, including the walkway, is popular as the Marine Drive.

Visiting this place gives you the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful view of merging backwaters with the blue Arabian Sea. At a close proximity to the walkway are the cinema halls, shopping malls, market places, restaurants and cafés. Planning a longer stay in Kochi? Well, you must enjoy an eventful weekend in this wonderful open theater.

Broadway KochiPlanning a weekend here? Then start your Saturday morning by enjoying a light breakfast from one of the cafés or taste a wonderfully steamed puttu (Kerala Style Breakfast) from one of the restaurants here. Go ahead and shop spices, dresses, toys, or even a whole house from the Broadway Market (one of the largest market place in Kochi). When tiered under the ravaging sun, you will know that the time has reached for lunch. Try a Kerala style banana leaf thali from one of the authentic Kerala restaurants. Relax your afternoon under the trees of Marine Drive walkway before catching a boat to experience a fun ride in the backwaters. Getting a chance, never miss your opportunity to spend some time on the naturally lush green lawn of Bolgatty Palace. Before calling off for the day, have a cozy walk and discover the rainbow bridge, the houseboat bridge, and the Chinese Net bridge on the Marine Drive walkway.

Don’t be so lazy on Sunday morning. Start your day by attending a prayer service at St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica, or at CSI Immanuel Church. Select your choice of breakfast from anywhere in Marne Drive before you visit Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary and spend the rest of your Sunday morning with birds. Lunch is once again a choice left to you from the restaurants around but late afternoon can be spent at Subhash Park. And that’s it to conclude a condensed yet joyful weekend at Marine Drive of Kochi.

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