A Wonderful Escape to Munnar | An Experience at One of the Munnar Resorts

My family holiday in one of the Munnar Resorts: My globe-trotter husband, Ebbin, had been on a trip to far northeast. He came back with a whole load of videos, and they were all so tempting for me. He was hopping from place to place, while I was tied to the house. It was my decision to stay back, so I had no room for complaints. But having a husband who is a perennial traveler has its advantages. For me, planning a trip is as easy as the snap of a finger. I just need to express my wish, and my ever-loving husband is ready to jump into the car.

Our Munnar Holiday on YouTube

After watching the videos, my little kids were decided on one thing. They too wanted to visit a cold place. Yes, they had the right to demand that. After all, their dad had been away from them for almost a month. They deserved all his time and attention. That was how we squeezed out a quick getaway to Munnar, during the Diwali holiday.

Kerala, My Home

My romance with the wonderful God’s own country began almost two decades back, when I came here as a wife. Right from the first day, I felt a sense of belongingness in this beautiful green heaven. Every travel through the roads of Kerala excites me to no end. Our Munnar trip was no different.

Munnar tree house where we stayed in Dream catcher Plantation resort

Munnar tree house where we stayed in Dream catcher Plantation resort

Here in Kerala, we don’t get long Diwali holidays. So we had one short trip in mind, but what a lovely trip it was! We started from Kochi in the afternoon, all packed up with warm clothes, as Munnar remains cool throughout the year. My kids were brimming with joy. It was after a long time that they were enjoying a holiday with their dad. Winding and bumpy roads did no harm to my high-spirited little ones. The road to Munnar is so picturesque that you forget all exhaustion. On the way, there were tiny waterfalls, where we took our time to relax. After a while, weather changed and there was that pleasant, welcoming nip in the air. We had reached Munnar!

A morning view of Munnar Nilgiri Hills from a watchtower in the resort
A morning view of Munnar Nilgiri Hills from a watchtower in the resort

This was a relaxed holiday for us in Munnar, but if you are planning to explore Munnar, you can check out our article – Places to visit in Munnar in 1 day.  In this article I am just sharing our holiday in one of the nature friendly Munnar Resorts.

A heavenly stay with the clouds

Our stay in Munnar was to be in one of the lovely Munnar resorts called ‘Dream Catcher.’ It was dark already when we reached the place. There was a slight drizzle, which made us shiver. We were welcomed with hot medicinal tea. It was so soothing that even my kids enjoyed it. We were planning a stay in the tree-house, and I was thoroughly excited about it. It was my first experience spending a night on a treetop!

While Munnar resorts are popular for its hospitality and ambiance, Dream catcher Plantation resort was unique among the Munnar hotels and resorts. 

A bridge over the tea gardens of Munnar
A bridge over the tea gardens of Munnar

Our tree-house accommodation turned out to be much more than what I expected. It was right inside the cardamom plantations. Walking all the way to the tree-house, I felt like I was walking inside a jungle. The only sound that disturbed the silence was the giggling of my kids, which was the most pleasant one for a mother’s ears. There were two rooms, one for us, and one for the kids. They were well maintained too. A wonderful resort with nature all around, happy kids, and a loving husband, everything was so perfect! The relaxed look on Ebbin’s face told the same story. We are a made-for-each other couple indeed!

Early morning walk

It was only in the morning that I fully absorbed the beauty around. There were tea, coffee, and cardamom plantations all around us. From the balcony of our room, we got splendid views of the greenery and the stunning mountains. We got up early, planning to watch the sunrise. Walking through the emerald green tea gardens, we reached the watch tower inside the resort. Whether it was the fresh mountain air, or the excitement of roaming around with their dad, the kids were bubbly and energetic, despite waking up early.

A pool with the mountain view
A pool with the mountain view

But that morning, sunrise decided to give us a miss. We were patiently waiting for the orange sparkle to appear from behind the mountains, but there was no sign of it. After a while, light scattered around, and we understood that we had lost that splendid view. Ebbin tried to pacify us with some philosophic observations, which were too much for the little ones. But the superb view of the blue clouds giving way for the green mountains was so magical that I felt no disappointment. Standing on that deck early in the morning, holding Ebbin’s hands, and watching my little ones playing, I felt that it was one of the most romantic moments of my life.

Exotic tea plantations of Munnar
Exotic tea plantations of Munnar

After the missed sunrise, we walked more inside the tea garden. This time, we plucked fresh oranges too, from the garden. Both the little ones jumped for the oranges. They tasted very sweet. After a hearty breakfast, my kids were eager for the next excitement. They had noticed the swimming pool which was located just under the watch tower. The cool climate made me and Ebbin hesitant to take a dip, but not the kids. So we went to the pool, and let them have a nice time, of course under our watchful eyes. It is very important that we should not leave our kids unattended in a swimming pool.

An uphill drive in the Munnar Resorts: A Polaris Experience

After the walk and swim, the kids were a little tired. A lunch, and a short nap, and they were again up for more. We had planned a drive to a nearby hilltop, in a Polaris. As all of us were in the pink of our health, we decided to climb a little and then take the vehicle. The drive along rough tracks was almost a roller coaster ride, very thrilling for the little ones. Once on top of the hill, such fantastic views waited for us. There were just miles and miles of green meadows and green carpeted hills. This was a place that truly justified the name, ‘God’s own country.’

Ebbin with planter's chicken and capsicum masala rice
Ebbin with planter’s chicken and capsicum masala rice

Beside the campfire

The last item on our itinerary was probably the best. The resort owners had arranged a campfire and barbeque for us. This was on the same watch tower where we enjoyed our early morning views. I wore the bright red sari that Ebbin had lovingly fetched for me, all the way from Assam. The warmth of the burning fire filled our hearts too. We spent some good time and shared some good food, with other guests at the resort. The lovely day ended there, and it was time for us to pack up.

This time, my Diwali was very different. No firecrackers, no diyas, just me and my little family, in a peaceful corner in Kerala. My only wish is for many more of such Diwalis to come.

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Author: Kalpita Chakrabortty

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