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My First Scuba Dive Experience: Scuba dive is something that I had pampered in my mind for several years. While underwater scenes thrilled me always, I could only spend a few hours snorkeling in the Indian Ocean of Maldives. A few days before, just when we were busy planning our trip to Nagaland for celebrating Hornbill Festival, a friend of mine mentioned about this thing in Kovalam – the Scuba Diving thing. I did not spare a moment, but dialed to reach Bond Safari and booked my dive.

Scuba Dive Video

Was I thrilled? Yes indeed, but I choose a busy Monday for my first scuba dive experience. I wanted the otherwise busy Kovalam to be calm, but I was wrong. Kovalam was not much different between weekdays and weekends. I reached Kovalam much before the time, but kept busy by surfing around the beaches until 9:00 in the morning. Sandy crescent beaches of Kovalam were pretty ravishing by the morning rays. A group of fishermen were busy pulling out a visibly heavy net that was not in the vicinity. I walked along the rhythmic Hawa Beach to cross the rocky formation and approached the Lighthouse beach of Kovalam. When looked back, the fishermen were still struggling with the rope that is connected to the net.

Fishermen on Hawa Beach in Kovalam
Fishermen on Hawa Beach | I was Surfing the Beaches of Kovalam Before My First Scuba Dive

As the time clicked 9:00, I walked away from the sands to the tarmac road and headed towards the office of Bond Safari that I had learned from the google maps. There a medium sized middle aged gentle man was all ready and waiting for me with a charming smile on his face – Mr. Subin. He must have guided several hundreds of novice divers through the dynamic waters of Arabian Sea and even may be others, but he treated me as if I was the first diver he was going to train. After the initial greetings, basic instructions, and other minimal formalities, it was my turn to coin the queries.

Basic Formalities at Bond Safari
Basic Formalities at Bond Safari, Just Before My First Scuba Dive Experience

My queries about scuba diving?

Though I had many questions that I needed answers, most of them stood irrelevant after listening to his basic instructions. However, three questions that remained in my dark box got a chance to flow out.

1. What actually makes Scuba Diving different from Snorkeling?

2. Is swimming a must skill to go for scuba diving?

3. Are we going to deep sea for diving?

For all the three questions, he answered very precisely but just the way that I needed them to be. Scuba diving, to him, is a much more real experience of underwater when compared to snorkeling. The tube that we use for breathing in makes a lot of limitations for snorkeling while that is not the case in scuba diving. Thus, scuba diving is a lot more entertaining and easier than snorkeling. However, this does not mean that scuba diving is superior to snorkeling.

Swimming, as far as Mr. Subin is concerned, it is easy to train a non-swimmer than a swimmer. Moreover, for a teaser dive like what I have taken, swimming is not at all a requirement. Nevertheless, if you need to go as an expert diver, swimming is inevitable.

And the deep sea… No, we did not go to deep sea for diving. We had a dive within the protected area and it was pretty safe.

At last the dive

Getting ready for my first scuba dive experience
Getting ready for the dive

After all discussions and instructions, I was ready for the dive. I was in a suite that was best fit for diving, a weight of 8 kilograms was around my waistline, and a tank full of breathing air was on my shoulders. It was then a fisherman walked out of the sea, very casually, with a net full of lobsters – gigantic lobsters. I was curious and picked one from the net, of course after seeking his permission. The fisherman gave me a hope to see more of those lobsters underwater.

Just a Preparatory Round Before the Real Dive
Just a Preparatory Round Before the Real Dive

A few minutes of simulation near the Grow Beach of Kovalam and then to the inner waters. I was exploring a completely new world, a world that was unknown to me till then. The emerald green waters of Arabian Sea was all around me. I could listen only my heart beat, my breathing, and the motion of the sea. For quite sometime, I saw nothing but the water and the bed of sand. It was then a puffer fish appeared in front of us from nowhere. That was just a beginning, and on my very first scuba diving experience, I encountered several species of fishes. Some were flat like a pamphlet while some were sharp and long, some were silver in color while some had prominent yellow shade. As we swam into a colony of mussles I was awestruck, but my mouth was sealed and my hands were under friction to express my feelings.

An eel, a ray fish, and many others entertained me underwater.  45 minutes of underwater experience was something I must call it as my first Scuba Diving. I should also acknowledge that an expedition underwater was much powerful than a week’s yoga practice. A rejuvenated me did not stop with the scuba diving, but continued to explore Kovalam that afternoon.

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