Oman Points of Interest

The Middle-Eastern country of Oman has established itself as a unique tourist destination in the course of last few decades. Miles of deserts, astounding islands and beaches, palatial fortresses- with all this merged in one country, Oman will truly be a novel experience for tourists. Here’s an article from Jaunt Monkey that showcases Oman points of Interest. 

What makes Oman different?

Oman is not all about deserts. Green patches interspersed with brown desert landscape, isn’t that heavenly? Another notable fact about Oman points of interest is that it has as much to offer for history buffs as it has for nature lovers. A bird’s eye view of Oman places of interest might help you with your travel plans.

Musandam Fjords spinning magic

Panoramic Musandam
Panoramic Musandam

Musandam is a peninsular region separated from the rest of Oman. The region impresses tourists with spectacular medley of desert- mountains with blue waters. When you go to Musandam, don’t miss the boat cruises which let you explore the coastal beauty. With abundant wildlife and water sports, it is a front-runner in Oman tourism. A ferry ride from the capital, Muscat will take tourists to Musandam.

Nizwa and its fort

Nizwa Fort
Nizwa Fort

Once the capital of Oman, city of Nizwa it known today for its stellar fort. Any Oman travel guide will have a mention of this historic place. The 150 ft. circular tower of the fort captures attention of tourists even from far. A climb to the top of the tower gives you commanding views of the entire town. The defence mechanism of the fort with secret doors and alleys gives you an idea about the intelligence and planning of ancient rulers. The well planned ancient city provides some food for thought to the so-called modern administrators. A trip to the Nizwa market can add some spices and dates to your bag.

Salalah for all fragrance

Salalah Oman
Salalah Oman

Salalah is one of the much talked about places in Oman. Pleasant weather and greenery makes it one of the most favoured among Oman points of interest. While the entire Arabian region is at the mercy of sun, Salalah has been bestowed with cool climate. It is also famous for frankincense trade. In Salalah, it’s not just beauty that lures you, even the fragrances hanging in the air will mesmerise travellers. Take some incense back home, let your home be filled with Arabian aroma. Qaboos Palace, the ancestral home of Sultan Qaboos, stands apart due to its enormous structure. Though tourists are denied entry, the place has scope for a good selfie!

Jebel Akhdar, true to its name

Jebel Akhdar
Jebel Akhdar

The name Jebel Akhdar means ‘green mountain’. This mountain is green in deed, in contrast to the desert around. But it is not any forest that gives it the green look, but the variety of crops cultivated on hillsides. The mountain is a limestone structure and is quite different from the usual mountainous landscape you expect. Cool climate provides ample scope for hiking, which might not be advisable in other Arabian counterparts with scorching sun. Search for Jebel Akhdar in Oman travel guide and move on.

Muscat, the visual treat

Old Muscat Oman
Old Muscat Oman

Muscat, the capital of Oman has to be on top of Oman points of interest. With historic structures and modern buildings, Muscat offers the best of both worlds. Forts, palaces and museums line the city. Royal Opera House, in the heart of the city, pays tribute to Oman’s cultural heritage by providing a platform for display of performing arts. An integral part of Oman tourism, this arena showcases performances of artists from around the world. The twin forts of the city, converted into museums, stalls tall adorning the skylines of Muscat. In all, Muscat has a magnetic aura which attracts visitors as is evident from the increasing number of tourists visiting the city.

Masirah Island for fun lovers

Masirah Island Oman Points of Interest
Masirah Island

Don’t want to miss out on the regular dose of adventure while touring? Masirah Island can fulfil your craving for adventure. This secluded island is the hub of windsurfing and sea swimming. Also watch out for turtles who have declared the beach as their territory. It is said that over 30,000 turtles camp on the beaches during hatching season. Have fun watching the sea alongside another one- a sea of turtles. Doesn’t this make the place prime among Oman places of interest?

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Old city, Bahla

Oman Places of interest, Bahla

Magical city of Bahla is an oasis in the middle of desert. The massive Bahla Fort has found its place in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city is infamous for black magic and witchcraft. So when you are there, be on your guard, lest you are turned into a cow by a passing magician!

Wahiba sands with desert in all splendor

Wahiba sands | Oman Points of Interest
Wahiba Sands

A visit to Oman is incomplete without gazing at the barren deserts stretching for miles. Wahiba sands is the best place to get the real feel of desert. The honey coloured sands and dunes give a romantic touch to the place. A journey through these deserts is an unforgettable experience. Tourists can also try camel rides to soak up the desert atmosphere in its entirety. A bumpy ride on camel back, any takers?

How to reach?

As Oman points of interest have earned much fame, travel to the country is relatively easy. With two international airports, one in Muscat and one in Salalah, Oman is within reach from almost every Asian country. There are flights to far away Australian destinations also. From Dubai, one of the major cities of United Arab Emirates, a four hour drive will take you to Oman. Being a coastal nation, it can be accessed by sea route also.

Where to stay?

With flourishing tourism, there is no dearth of tourist facilities in Oman. Choose your star preference and there you are- from budget friendly to ultimate luxury, every kind of accommodation is inviting you. Upmarket hotels in cities like Muscat have tastefully furnished facilities, finest restaurants, anything for tourists. Night camps in deserts are experiences to die for. Whether solo or in groups, you find all that you need.

Oman calling

These days, more and more tourists are attracted to offbeat locations, which has paved the way for success of Oman tourism. A trip to Oman ought to be on your bucket list. And mark these words, once you are there, you will hear yourself yelling, ‘Oh man, this is just awesome.’

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