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Speaking of an Arab nation, what are the things that come to your mind? Arrays of camels, acres of dry deserts and lots of oil fields? Well, Oman has all this and much more. This Arab nation has been on the forefront of tourist activities for quite some time. Here’s our Oman Travel Guide, which can help you plan your next trip to Oman.

Like all oil-rich nations, Oman is also much about prosperity and opulence. Capital Muscat basks in the glory of its grand mosques and museums. This is a city that has witnessed growth in every sector, be it industries or tourism. A first-timer is sure to gaze wide-eyed at the lavish display of wealth. But not just that, Oman having a long coastal line, attracts lots of beach lovers. If Muscat is all about swanky displays, its counterpart, the coastal city Salalah, is about lush greenery, beaches and waterfalls.

Wahiba sands | Oman Points of Interest | Oman Travel Guide
Wahiba Sands | Oman Travel Guide

Are you still wondering why visit Oman? Go through our Oman travel guide and get as much as travel insights about this beautiful middle east nation.

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Wahiba sands | Oman Points of Interest | Oman Travel Guide

Oman Points of Interest

The Middle-Eastern country of Oman has established itself as a unique tourist destination in the course of last few decades ...
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Basics: Oman Travel Guide

Capital of Oman: Muscat

Currency: Omani rial

Largest city: Muscat

National language(s): Arabic

Major destinations of Oman: Wahiba sands, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Jebel Shams, Nizwa Fort, and others.

Best time to visit Oman: Oman has a warm climate throughout the year. However, summer months, from June until August, are hectic. While Oman can be visited any time other than these summer months, the most enjoyable months are between October and April.

Are you still wondering why to visit Oman?

When you visit a nation known for its deserts, how can you miss a desert safari? It is a thrilling experience to roam around for miles, surrounded only by sands and your own thoughts. Hop on to a four wheeler or a camel, you will love both. Or better, spend a night under the starry skies with camels around, relive those Arabian Nights stories that you read as a child!

Though hot weather may play spoilsport at times, Oman will not disappoint you. What you need is to just time your trip according to climate and there you are!

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