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Places To Visit In Meghalaya In December: Meghalaya, which literally translates as ‘the land of clouds,’ is a breathtakingly beautiful state in the north-eastern part of India. A land that boasts of misty valleys, snowy clouds, and enticing greens, is good to visit in any time of the year. But winters have a special charm. The incessant rains have just said goodbye, and the greens have not yet died down, isn’t this the best place to spend your winter holidays? Let us walk through some outstanding beauties that Meghalaya offers you, in December.

I had a small road trip to Meghalaya during December 2017. During my visit I had been to Shillong, Cherrapunji, and Dawki. Here’s my video about Dawki and Mawlynnong.

Places to Visit in Meghalaya in December

#1 Dawki, the land of ethereal beauty

Dawki, located around 113 kms from Shillong, is a place in Meghalaya that has to be an inevitable part of your trip. A short drive from Shillong will take you to this stunningly beautiful locale. There are many things to amuse you in Dawki.

Dawki among the places to visit in Meghalaya in December
Dawki is among the best places to visit in Meghalaya in December
  • Umngot River: The crystal-clear waters of this river have caught the fancy of many tourists. When viewed in photographs, it seems too good to be true. Such clear, transparent waters that let you see the depths of the river! Go for a boat ride in those waters, and you will feel as though you are gliding over a sheet of glass. To make the ride more magical, choose an early afternoon for your visit to Umngot. Sunrays fall directly over the water, illuminating the whole world below the surface! There is a pretty suspension bridge over the river, giving you enough scope for a photoshoot.
  • Go Fishing: Umngot River being a hotbed of tourist activities, there are many things apart from boating, to tempt tourists. The locals can be seen with fishing nets and baits, from dawn to dusk. If you are game for some fishing, join them and try out your skills. You might be lucky enough to get one or two in your bait.
  • Bangladesh border: Dawki is a place sandwiched between India and Bangladesh. So here you get the unique opportunity that you get only in a border town. To view, or rather, have your feet planted in, two countries at the same time. One foot in India and one foot in Bangladesh! But beware, trespassing into a foreign land is not advisable.

You can read about my personal experience of visiting Dawki, Mawlynnong, and the living root bridge here.

#2 Mawlynnong, the cleanest village

When you go to Meghalaya, don’t miss a chance to visit the village that has bagged the title of ‘the cleanest village in Asia.’ Go there, and you will understand how well deserved the title is. The villagers have taken it upon themselves to keep their surroundings clean. Bamboo dustbins are kept in every corner, and from young to old, every villager is a part of the cleanliness mission. No litter is seen in any place! 

Mawlynnong has enough for you to spend a few hours, soaking in the serenity and simplicity of the place. You can also try some delicious local food. A charming village with warm people, paved rustic roads, and flowers and shrubs on both sides of the road, Mawlynnong gives us a lesson to take home.

Though I was there during my road trip to Meghalaya and it is included in my Dawki video, I missed out to take a good picture at the place. However, Mawlynnong is obviously among the amazing places to visit in Meghalaya during December.

#3 Living root bridge of Riwai

Living Root bridge of Riwai
Living Root bridge of Riwai cannot be missed from the list of places to visit in Meghalaya in December

Root bridges of Meghalaya, made out of roots of rubber trees, have captured the attention of the world as it is the most eco-friendly way to build a bridge. While some of these bridges require arduous treks to reach, the one in Riwai, 70 kms from Shillong, is easily accessible. Here also, a ten minutes’ walk is needed to reach the place. With huge trees to give you shelter from sun, it is a pleasurable walk down the narrow stairs. The bridge has been made by intertwining sturdy roots. So much of skill used, you will be amazed!

#4 Deep Dark Valley, Rngain

Deep Dark Valley on the way to Dawki
Deep Dark Valley on the way to Dawki

The name suggests what to expect from the place. Deep Dark Valley or Rngain Canyon, is a spectacular destination, especially when you go in December. Green hills and valleys stretch out before your eyes on all sides. There is nothing to be seen except rows of hills and valleys! And yes, the valleys look deep and dark indeed. If you have enough time in hand, you can even explore the valleys a little. Due to rain and mist, the place remains hidden for most part of the year. So when you go in winter, the Deep Dark Valley is open before your eyes, in all its magnificence.

#5 Cherrapunji, the abode of rains

Eco Park on the way to Cherrapunji
On the way to Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji is definitely most famous for its abundant rains. The place that once used to be the wettest place on earth, is surely a fascination for all. When going in December, you cannot expect those torrential rains. But whether it’s showering or not, Cherrapunji has a lot of attractions including the Mawkdok Valley, Mawsmai Caves, Ramakrishna Mission, Nohkalikai Falls, and more. You may read more about Cherrapunji here.

#6 Shillong, the charming capital city of Meghalaya

The capital city of Shillong, is undoubtedly the gem of Meghalaya. It is a paradise for nature lovers, and a must-visit for all those who want to get close to the culture of the land. Settled amidst hills and valleys, this is a capital city that exudes innocent charm.

Shillong Peak for a spectacular view of the city
Shillong Peak for a spectacular view of the city
  • Shillong Peak: This peak is the highest point in Shillong. Stand on top, and you have the entire city at your feet! You get thrilling views of the city, surrounding hills and valleys, and even the farther plains of Bangladesh, from top of the peak. The perfect way to spend an evening, romancing the city and its vibes, from far above.
  • Don Bosco Museum: For those of you who are curious to learn about the life of tribes of north-east, this is the place to go. This museum displays collections of weapons, artefacts, and attires used by different tribes of north-east. The icing on the cake is the skywalk on top of the building. If you have some thirst for adventure, go for it, and admire the beauty of Shillong from there.
  • Umiam Lake: This lake is the quintessential tourist spot of Shillong. Umiam Lake is a man-made waterbody surrounded by the picturesque landscape of Khasi Hills. There are lots of activities for tourists, like boating and other water-sports. A relaxed evening spent here will rejuvenate your spirits.

When you visit Meghalaya once, you will definitely be tempted for more. It is a state that beckons you with natural beauty, innocent and unblemished. Go in the chill of winters, and enjoy without feeling exhausted. But while coming back, you will be probably dreaming about your next trip, in monsoons?

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  1. How was the weather in each of these places ? I am from Mumbai & we dont have harsh winters here :):)
    Plus traveling with a kid so thinking if day time weather is suitable for December

    1. Hi Hetal,
      Thank you so much for going through the article. In Meghalaya the weather is mild with heavy rains in monsoon (June – September). However, during winter the temperature can go below 10 degree Celsius (December and January).

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