A Fun-filled Day In Cabana Coral Reef Resort, Mandapam

Cabana Coral Resort

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Before starting on my recent trip to Rameswaram, I gathered information about the place and the accommodations available. Being a popular pilgrimage destination, Rameswaram did not have options aplenty, for pleasure trippers like me. After some research, I found just a handful of decent resorts, and Cabana Coral Reef in Mandapam appealed to me the most. The resort offered lovely sea views, water-sports, and all three meals, for a reasonable tariff. I decided to try it out, and a wise decision it was!

Superb location

A still Bay of Bengal in front of Rameswaram Resort: Cabana Coral Reef Resort
A still Bay of Bengal in front of Rameswaram Resort: Cabana Coral Reef Resort

Location was what I liked the best about Cabana. Nestled along the coast, kissing the waters of Bay of Bengal, lies Cabana, a beautiful resort for adventure seekers and water lovers. Mandapam is around 18 kms from Rameswaram, which means you are spared the noisy crowd of the pilgrimage town. The main railhead of Rameswaram is in Mandapam, and the resort is a short walk from the station. Ocean is very calm here, so you can fearlessly indulge in water activities. The surroundings of the resort have been kept in the most natural manner. It is just pure-white sand, tranquil waters, and lots of fun.

Modest accommodation

Container Accommodation @ Rameswaram Resort - Cabana Coral Reef
Container Accommodation @ Rameswaram Resort – Cabana

Cabana is not a luxury resort. It provides a modest stay that blends comfort with nature. The accommodations provided here are of container types, a relatively new concept for us. Small containers have been tastefully turned into hut-like rooms. They are small, but cozy, with all basic facilities. For me and my friend, they were quite sufficient. We got a small cottage with a sitting area in front, from where we could enjoy the superb views of the ocean. But if I was traveling with my family, this accommodation would have been insufficient.

What do you get in Cabana?

Go Kayak @ Rameswaram Resort
Go Kayak @ Rameswaram Resort
  • Cabana offers a spectrum of activities for its guests, so a day spent there is bound to be exciting, to the core.
  • They have facilities for a variety of water-sports, and they offer any two activities as part of the room tariff. There is snorkeling, kayaking, regular canoeing, banana-boat canoeing, and swimming. We opted for snorkeling and kayaking. It was a superb experience, witnessing the world under water, so close to us. Schools of fish and colorful corals made my day.
  • The resort provides bicycles, for roaming around the place. I took mine, and explored the fishing villages nearby. It was a different experience, where I saw the life of fishermen up close. I cycled all the way till Pamban Bridge.
  • If you are more of an on-foot person, a lovely nature walk awaits you at Cabana. An evening walk along the shores, feeling the sand under your feet, will be exhilarating.
  • Lastly, the food provided with the package is simply delicious. They tasted more like home-cooked meals, and left me licking my fingers after every meal.

A few tips

Rameswaram Resort: Cabana Coral Reef
Rameswaram Resort: Cabana Coral Reef
  • So if you have made up your mind to explore this wonderful resort, let me offer you some tips.
  • Do not miss out on the sea-food provided by the resort. The dishes were prepared in their local style, and tasted heavenly.
  • Make sure to rise up before the sun, to enjoy the sunrise views. No need to go anywhere, just stand in front of your cottage and watch the brilliant spectacle.
  • A bicycle ride or even a walk, to the nearby villages, is not to be missed. A fishing village might not sound very fascinating, but it will be an experience to cherish.
  • If you take a plunge in water, be cautious about the jelly fish. Some varieties are known to be highly poisonous. So better avoid touching them.
    This was my experience in Cabana Coral Reef in Mandapam. A different and unforgettable one!

Rameswaram Resort Tariff (Cabana Resort)

A container accommodation: Rs. 5000 per night
* Tariff includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner + 2 water sports

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