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Are you the kind of traveler who is fascinated by earthy smell and rusty hues, by ruins and remains of old world? If you are, Hampi, India is the place that deserves to be on your bucket list. Hampi in Karnataka is the dream come true for every history lover. Delving deep into the past is just one of the major reasons to visit Hampi. Come, let us explore more about this lost world.

The Stone Chariot of Hampi
The Stone Chariot of Hampi | Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

Major reasons to visit Hampi

Before heading to an offbeat destination, all of us look for reasons to justify our choice. So here are a few things about Hampi.

  1. Brilliant history: Hampi was the capital of Vijayanagar Empire and was the one of the most splendid cities of the world in its days of glory. Surrounded by hills on three sides and Tungabhadra River on the fourth, Hampi was almost a fortress in itself. A walk into the wonderful world is what Hampi promises.

  2. Temple run: Virupaksha and Vithala temples in Hampi are the best among things to see in Hampi. Virupaksha temple is the oldest and is said to be a shrine that has never closed its doors for worshippers, not even for a single day! Vithala temple is known for its amazing architecture. The stone chariot in the center of courtyard is truly marvelous.

    Virupaksha Temple in Hampi India | Image Courtesy: Wikimedia
  3. Step into a stepwell: A stepwell is something that appeals to our eyes merely by reason of its symmetry. The perfect arrangement of steps gradually whirling down is so majestic! The stepwell in Hampi is the finest example of architectural excellence of Vijayanagar Empire.

  4. Different landscape: Hampi, India is a place with a unique landscape of huge boulders, all precariously stacked up one over the other. The bizarre landscape makes you think about its origin. One can only say that it was not any man, but the Creator himself who sculpted these rocks!

  5. Hampi Hippie Island: Virupapur Gadde is an island in Hampi, surrounded by Tungabhadra River on all sides. It is the perfect place to laze around and relax. The island is unofficially christened as Hampi Hippie Island as the place is the favorite of foreign backpackers who resemble hippies. Lined with cafes of all kinds, this island is the place where you just sit and watch time flying by! That reminded me of my experience in Munro Island on a canoe

  6. Coracle ride: Hampi is not just about history, there is place for some live action too. A ride in the coracles or basket shaped boats is one of the major reasons to visit Hampi. Made of reed and hides, these boats can ferry 6 to 8 people. A ride over the rivers, yet so close to its depths, it is not something for faint hearted!

    Coracle Ride is a major reason to visit Hampi
    Coracle Ride Hampi
  7. Matanga Hill: The highest peak in Hampi, Matanga Hill attracts lots of tourists and is one of the best things to see in Hampi. Trek to the top of the hill for enjoying panoramic views of the entire ancient town. As huge boulders are spread all the way, it can get very hot during summers. So if you are visiting Hampi in April, do not attempt to scale the heights while sun is overhead.

  8. Anjanadri Hills: This is another hillock located close to Hampi, which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Climb up a flight of steps to reach the quaint temple on top. The view from top of the hills is breathtaking. Miles of verdant paddy field and coconut groves spread around make you feel closer to nature.

  9. Aqueducts and canals: Another feather in the cap for Hampi, its extensive canals and aqueducts show the engineering brilliance of ancient men. The network of canals were so built as to reach every corner of the city. Something to learn, right? Surely, one of the major reasons to visit Hampi.

  10. Rest in the rustic: When you have your minds filled with stories from past, rest in the rural atmosphere, enjoying the simple beauties of nature and relishing some local cuisine.

  11. Shopping: Of course, shopping finds place in the list. Hampi bazar is the destination for all shoppers. You get unique handicrafts, jewelries, bags and what not?

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