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Momos are truly unique and it is gaining popularity in India and around the world. Native to Tibet, these are typical South Asian dumplings. Like my first time thukpas, my first experience of Momos was from Nepal in Kathmandu. As if to remind the taste of those Nepali Momos, the Bangalore roadside chicken momos stood up to my expectations. Though I had never ever tried to learn the preparation of momos, in Bangalore I did not hesitate to ask and get the chicken momos recipe.

Bike Ride to Bangalore
Bike Ride to Bangalore

Are you here just for the recipe? If so, just jump to the roadside chicken momos recipe. And if you would love reading through my Bangalore momo experience, please continue reading…

Chicken Momo Experience at Koramangala – An Add on to Our Indian Street Food Saga.

Bangalore always thrilled me by all means. We, Jey & Key, had lived in Bangalore for almost six months, before we set off to Kathmandu in Nepal. However, this time I was on a bike ride from Kochi to Bangalore via Ooty. After riding almost 600 kilometers in 2 days, I reached Ebin‘s home, where I was going to stay for two nights. After the initial chit chats, we landed on our main topic – ‘what’s for the dinner?’. While I was too vague about my plans, Ebin was sure to take me towards the streets close to the Forum Mall in Koramangala.

As the sun departs, it leaves countless activities to jazz up Bangalore life. What so ever your interest maybe, the city will pamper you with ample choices. When the clock struck ten, we sneaked out of the house. After a short ride through the animated roads of Bangalore we reached there – a less crowded area of Koramangala. I parked my bike on one side and walked across the road to hunt down the kiosks selling Bangalore street food.

Banglore Momo Vendors
Banglore Momo Vendors

With the restaurants and bars spotted in every nook and cranny, Koramangala is one of the most happening places in Bangalaore. Yet, we were on a street that was lesser to the other popular street food destinations of Bangalore. There were just 3 momo vendors and a dosa seller.

My last experience of roadside momos was in Assam, during our Nagaland trip. In Guwahati it was the natural taste of Northeast Momos, but here in Bangalore??? I had my own presumptions and reservations for this Tibetan cuisine. As I munched on to one of the chicken momos that the girl served me, all my myths melted off with the piquancy that smashed my tongue. The rest is as in my video here…

Bangalore roadside chicken momos

Roadside Chicken Momo Recipe

Of course, it is a non-vegetarian dish, but you can also make its vegetarian flavors – like cheese momos, paneer momos, mushroom momos, vegetable momos, and so on. Though momos were originated from Tibet, it is popular among the South Asian countries. In India, momos were common in Northeastern states, but today we can find momos on the streets of almost all the cities of India.

Banglore Roadside Chicken Momos Recipe
Banglore Roadside Chicken Momos Recipe

Momos are usually served as steamed dumplings, and that explains why people consider it as a healthy dish. There are also variants which are fried and served. Here’s our roadside chicken momos recipe for a newbie chef, just like me.


Finely Minced chicken – 250 g

Finely diced carrots – 2 tbs

Finely chopped cabbage – 2 tbs

Finely Chopped spring onions – 1 tbs

Finely sliced onions – 1

Finely diced garlic – 1 tsp

Finely diced ginger – 1 tsp

Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp

Pepper powder – 1 tsp

Garlic paste – 1 tsp

Ginger paste – 1 tsp

All purpose flour – 200 g

Oil – 2 tbs

Soya sauce – 1 tsp

Chili sauce – 1 tsp

Tomato ketchup – 1 tsp

Salt to taste

Sugar a pinch

Water as required.

How to cook chicken momos?

 Add oil and a pinch of salt to the flour and mix well.

Knead the flour into dough using water; cover it with a damp cloth and keep aside.

Mix salt, ginger paste, garlic paste, and turmeric powder with minced chicken.

Pressure cook the minced chicken mix for a whistle or two.

Drain the cooked chicken and keep aside. You can use the chicken broth for preparing soups.

Heat oil in a wok and add diced garlic and ginger. Cook it for a while.

Add sliced onions and cook until golden.

Add a pinch of sugar.

Add the remaining vegetables to it.

Once the vegetables are cooked, add minced chicken to it and stir fry for 5 minutes.

Add soya sauce, chili sauce, and tomato sauce. Stir and mix well.

Season the preparation with pepper and salt.

Keep it off the heater and allow to cool.

Take the dough, press it and make a thin roti.

Using a round bowl, cut and take circular wraps of equal shapes.

Take one wrap in your palm and fill it with the chicken mixture in the center. Using other hands bring the edges together and press them to lock the chicken mixture inside.

Bring a steamer to heat, oil its rack well, and arrange momos to be cooked on the rack. Make sure that the momos do not touch between them.

Close the steamer using its lid and steam the momos for 15 minutes.

Take out the momos and serve hot with chilli sauce, garlic chutney, or chicken soup.

This roadside chicken momos recipe was taken from the street food vendors of Bangalore. The preparation of momo may differ from place to place, and I am not a professional chef. However, this roadside chicken momos recipe can be used for your first time momo cooking. If you are a pure vegetarian, you can also substitute chicken with your favorite vegetable or cheese.

Hope you liked our momo experience and the roadside chicken momos recipe. If you have a similar experience that you would love to share it through Jaunt Monkey Food Stories, please do write to us.

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  1. most of the delicious foods I’ve tasted when I was in india was the street foods, they have so many variety of spices and I didn’t even tasted them because I’m only there for a week.. thanks for this recipe mate!.. I can have a taste of india at my home but I will definitely comeback to eat some more food there.

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