Somalia Points of Interest

Somalia, a nation located in the tip of Horn of Africa, may not be the quintessential tourist destination. Nevertheless, it is a nation which commands attention of the world when it comes to abundance of nature. From waterfalls, beaches and national parks to amazing historical monuments, Somalia points of interest stand not a step behind the rest of the world. To clear your mind, here is a list of the major attractions in Somalia.

Major Attractions in Somalia

Laas Geel

Somalia Points of Interest - Laas Geel
Somalia Points of Interest – Laas Geel

The series of caves in Laas Geel are among the most popular landmarks in Somalia tourism. The walls of caves are adorned with paintings from the Neolithic era. Colorful paintings that depict the life of early man in curious forms! The most remarkable thing is that these paintings are very well preserved even to this day. It fills us with amazement to think that man had developed his artistic instincts even in those days. Devoid of all din and bustle, it is just you and history in Laas Geel.

Lag Badana National Park 

This was the first national park established in Somalia. Being rich in natural greenery, this park is home to an assortment of wildlife like hyena and gazelles. Coral reefs and islands nearby enhance the beauty of the park. But due to civil disruptions, it was shut down for some time. The current government is all set to revive the days of its glory.


Aerial View of Hargeisa
Aerial View of Hargeisa

This is the capital of self-proclaimed republic, Somaliland and is another major one among Somalia points of interest. Hargeisa Provincial Museum displaying various artefacts from the Somali culture is also worth a visit. Learn about how the Somaliland came into an existence of its own. An ideal place for history buffs to dive into the old stories!

Berbera seaside

Berbera Beach
Berbera Beach

 Having a long coastal line, Somalia does boast of many beaches, the best being Berbera seaside near Hargeisa. The beauty of this beach is that it is not yet overly spoilt by tourist activities. Enjoy the ocean views in a tranquil atmosphere. If you are not the kind to sit back and relax, there are some water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling to engage you.

Shanghai Old City

Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia
Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia

Located in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, Shanghai city is the place that reminds you of the wealthy past of Somalia. This is counted as a major one among Somalia points of interest. This is the place where the affluent class of the olden days flourished. The Italian architecture, though destroyed to a great extent, still speaks of those glorious days. Though the narrow walkways and passages have an eerie look to them, it will surely amaze you like no other place.

Friendly Folk of Somalia

A trip to any African country is generally entailed with lots of dos and don’ts. Contrary to popular belief, people of Somalia are not to be dreaded or kept at arm’s length. Be friendly to them and respect their culture and they will go out of the way to make you feel at home. Somalians are known for their hospitality and are always ready to walk an extra mile for the weary wanderers.

Best Time to Visit Somalia

Being hot and humid, summers are not suited for a trip to Somalia. Though monsoons cool down the atmosphere, it can be very humid and stifling. The best season to visit Somalia will be in January and February when the rains and humidity will have subsided and the temperatures won’t be too high also.

Take a break from the stereotyped tourist destinations and head to the less trodden paths once in a while. Travel to Somalia and you will come back pleasantly surprised, the pleasing landscape and innocent smile of Somalians imprinted in your mind.

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