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I know, you must be thinking that I am crazy to write about Somalia. In fact my parents and friends believed that I was crazy to be in a haunted country like Somalia. To be frank, I was happy in Somalia, and given a chance, I would definitely pick the flight to the Horn of Africa. However, don’t listen to my words; it is not considered as a safe destination even The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office advise against all travels to Somalia. Precisely, Somalia is not an average traveler’s destination.

Somalia brings the scare of warlords, pirates and militants to our mind. It was only in 2012 the country have scored a government since the start of its civil war. If you are willing to take the risk of traveling through a terror captured country, there awaits a a beautifully varied landscape of deserts, unexploited beaches, beautiful coral reefs, mountains and valleys, and tropical rainforests.

Get to Somalia

Somalia can be accessed by air, by sea, or by road. The easiest way to access this country on the Horn of Africa is by air.

By Air

There are a few airlines which operates to different cities in Somalia from Dubai, Addis Abbaba, Nairobi, and Djibouti. Some of the most important airports that offers connections with other other smaller or bigger international airports includes Mogadishu (the capital), Berbera, Bossaso, Hargeisa, and Galkayo. African Express, Jubba Airways, Daallo Airlines, turkish Airlines, and Fly Dubai are among the flight operators who has carriers flying to one or more major airports in Somalia.

By Sea

The waters surrounding Somalia are considered unsafe to travel due to pirates. However, Somalia has ports in Mogadishu, Bossaso, Berbera, and Kismaayo. Though very unsafe, sea travels are not impossible to this country.

By Road

Somalia has road links with Ethiopia (from Jijiga in Ethiopia to Somaliland) and Djibouti. You may can travel by car from these countries to Somalia, but it is not at all recommended. The other option is catching a bus which is comparatively safer (only safer than going by a private car).

Getting Around

Travelling around Somalia won’t be so easy to an average traveler. However, you can always use bus services to move between cities and taxi or local bus services to move within cities. Safety is always an issue in the country, so take utmost care.

Places to Visit

If you are willing to take the risk and ready to explore this East African Nation, there are some of the most unexploited destinations waiting for you on the horn of Africa.


Laas Gaal
Laas Gaal

Berbera beach
Berbera seaside

Cal Madow
Cal Madow



Mogadishu, also known as Hamar among the local community, the capital of Somalia is also the most populated city in the country. Clinching on to the African continent from the waves of Indian Ocean, Mogadishu has a few sites to visit.

Kismayo National Park

Somalia may lack in modern technologies and development, but the country is rich in natural beauty. In spite of the devastating impact of its decades long civil war, the country could manage to hold some of the world class national parks. Among them the best to visit is Kismayo National Park.

Unspoilt Beaches of Somalia

Somalia has many beaches and seasides which are least explored by the tourists. Yet, Berbera seaside boasts for its pristine waters and clear sands. If you could arrange the facilities, the place is also superb for snorkeling, diving, and fishing.

Laas Geel

Traveling to Somalia and not visiting Laas Geel is something unacceptable for any travel lover. In fact, Laas Geel falls on the top of Somali attractions. The site hosts a series of caves with ancient neolithic paintings. The rock art in these caves in Somaliland is possibly among the best preserved anywhere on earth. The travelers who are able to visit the site are privileged to enjoy the artwork dating back to 9000 BC.

There are also sites such as Naasa Hablood, Hargeisa, and Lag Badana National Park which can inspire anyone to take the risk of traveling to this forbidden nation.


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