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A cluster of 1,190 coral islands spread over the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea is Maldives. There are crystal clear blue seas and turquoise reefs where you find a mosaic of colorful fishes swimming in joy. The pristine beaches in this part of the world are well decorated by the plentiful palm trees. It is the best place to sit and watch sunset, or dive into explore the oceanic wonders. You could also enjoy a walk through the fish markets to get an experience of Maldivian commoners or sit on a rooftop restaurant to enjoy the horizon while tasting the unique Maldivian flavors. I am sharing almost everything that a traveler should know about this Asian country through my Maldives Destination Guide.

Maldives destination guide
A cottage in one of the Maldivian resorts

Over the past few decades Maldives has become one of the most demanded tropical beach holiday destinations in Asia. Travelers who had been to this Indian Ocean Archipelago would agree that this group of islands is blessed with crystal clear waters having an aquamarine shade and has plenty of white and clean sands to spend their dream vacation on its beaches glamorously. The Maldivians would naturally agree that the months of June and July are cloudy, stormy, and wet. The best time to enjoy Maldives, to be precise, would be from November until the mid of March. Here, Jaunt Monkey explains the basic travel information about this island world through Maldives Destination Guide.

Another Island Resort - Maldives
Another Maldivian Island Resort

Interestingly, this beautiful island was first explored by the tourists only about half a century back – when a small group of Italians reached the archipelago in 1972. The country that had no experience of resorts and hospitality management has grown to over 100 island resorts and many more tourism services within a short span of 42 odd years.

The warm waters of Maldives are best suitable for divers, who look forward to surf underwater and experience the preciousness of transparent world. If not diving, then go snorkeling to discover the shallow Indian Ocean with colorful fishes, crafty corals, and gentle waves. Or a bit more polished, spend an evening on one of the many beaches to enjoy the breeze, seclusion and drowning sun.

Do you think of celebrating your wedding in a classy luxurious glamour? If yes, just pack yourself and your would-be spouse to The Maldives. The islands of Maldives are extraordinarily good to make a venue for your dream wedding.

Facts sheet::: Maldives Destination Guide

Formerly a Sultanate, the Maldives, a group of islands on Indian Ocean, is now a republic. The Maldives are an archipelago of almost 1200 coral islands clustered into 26 coral atolls spread over the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea.

Location: Southern Asia

Geographic coordinates: 3 15 N, 73 00 E

Ethnic groups: South Indians, Sinhalese, and Arabs

Languages: Dhivehi, English

Religions: Islam

Currency: Maldivian rufiyaa

Capital: Malé

How to reach Maldives:

The most common and convenient mode of transport to reach Maldives is by Air. Almost all international travelers reach Maldives at Malé International Airport (Ibrahim Nasir International Airport). Another option to reach Maldives is by Sea, although it is not common. There are cruise ships sailing from different countries to Maldives or via Maldives to other destinations.

Maldives have a liberal visa policy for all passengers arriving at Malé International Airport – Free VISA ON ARRIVAL for 30 days. Your free 30-day visa can be extended up to 90 – days at Malé. However, carrying alcohol, pork or pornography into the Maldives is strictly forbidden. Read more about Maldives from this Maldives travel guide.

Moving around in Maldives:

Most islands of Maldives are small and destinations within can be accessed on foot. Yet, almost all of these islands use tarmac roads and you can get taxi services in the major islands. If you are planning to travel outside Malé, to any of the inhabited islands, you require an Inter Atoll Traveling Permit. If you think of traveling between islands, the most common mode is plane (Air Taxis are the most popular media). A cheaper option would be the boat services.

Things to do in Maldives (Maldives Destination Guide)

Diving & Snorkeling in Maldives: Over 75% of tourists to Maldives at least think of a chance to go deep into the Maldivian waters. They are crystal clear, strikingly beautiful, and inspiring. There are many resorts that offer excellent scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities for the travelers.

Surfing in Maldives: A destination that hosts more seas than land is obviously a paradise for water sport lovers. Although not every resort, but many has a sports center that offers wide range of water sport activities to their guests. There are more than a few popular surf-breaks in North and South Malé Atoll, and resorts near to these atolls are the best for surfers.

Surfing in Maldives

Excursions within Maldives: Traveling and visiting people in different inhabited islands of Maldives would be a perfect experience to learn customs, culture, and even local food. There are a few specialized operators who offer island hopping and excursion services to tourists.

Relax & rejuvenate in Maldives: Beaches and natural beauty is the obvious relaxation instrument from Maldives, yet there are proficient resorts, and Spa and Wellness centers that offer different therapies for tourists to carry extra energy with them back to their homelands.

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