Things to Consider Before Going for a Bike Ride in India

What are the major things you must remember before going for a bike ride in India? Riding motorbike has become a hobby, a passion and a convincing mode of travel among youngsters who prefer to take long drives with friends and family. Every one of us knows that riding is not all about the destination, it is about the journey and the roads we take, the memories and the moments we share.

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The most comfortable and cheapest mode of transport is yet bringing a lot of discomfort in people’s heart when you trot away for long drives. Motorbikes are risky, they are not safe like how you sit inside your cushion seater cars with seat belts and front guards.

But who does love sitting inside the window all day and drive smoothly? Worth not if you are doing this. You are traveling just to relish and quench your travel appetite. Bikes are the best option to choose then. You can just ride on to feel connected, to feel the place.

India is a developing country where things are progressing right from IT to industries, from education to status of living. But the roads don’t get better anytime as we wish to. Roads in India are quite challenging and chaotic in nature. But if you have good control over the bike, then India is the shot you will miss if not taken. With the beats of sun on your skin, wind on your hair and rush of exhilaration as you explore destinations will give away a sense of freedom in you.

Here I am, listing a few things to consider before going for a bike ride in India.

Know your Choice of Ride

Things to Consider Before Going for a Bike Ride in India

Whatever bike you choose to ride, make sure you are always comfortable on it. To be cool while you ride, you must always ride well.

Two things are very important when you pick your bike. One is your body condition and control it can offer and another thing is about the distance you travel. If you use your bike for every day commute and you have problems with your backbone, then use gearless scooters which would be comfortable for you throughout the ride. If you are taking bike for a long / short drive and you have enough stamina to control your gears, then choose gear bikes.

Royal Enfield Classic would be the best choice of picking in terms of safety, price and quality. This bike has been designed according to the Indian roads and provides stability while driving.

Know Indian riders and roads

Riding along Indian roads is kind of crazy and you have to adapt as you ride on. People might use hands instead of indicators for turning, move in the opposite direction on roads where it is marked as one way and much more. Stay careful while you ride and you will get to know how people move within few hours.

Know Indian riders and roads

Know Indian riders and roads

Be sure about your itinerary and always keep a track if you are moving right. Roads can confuse you without proper boards at times, speed breakers in the middle of the roads etc. Always be careful while you drive in the dusk because insects can fly over your face and interpret your ride and sometimes vehicles won’t have good headlights that might end up in accidents.

Know the condition of bike

When you pick your bike for travel, go for a test drive in the first place. Be it the bike you own for years or the brand new bike you bought yesterday, be it the racing bike or the bike you hired from rental services, you can always expect the unexpected on roads. So test the vehicle thoroughly before you start driving. Only if the bike is in top notch condition, you have to ride it.
If you want to rent a bike, then you can look in Royal Brothers or Wheelstreet bike rental companies available worldwide or you can get a bike from the local vendors. You can rent at affordable costs, make a choice of bike, experience a pleasing ride and make the most of it.

And also, get to know how things can be fixed in the bikes in case of emergency. Learn how to fix small bugs like seats, puncture, headlights etc. so that you cannot wait or depend on any other mechanic when you are stuck in the middle of the road. It is always necessary to carry essential tools and spares when you are on a trip. A general list might include spare tube, spark plugs, break and accelerator cables, engine oil etc. When you plan a bike ride in India, keep in mind that you may need to ride for several kilometers to get an aid. 

Know yourself

You are going to take up a bike ride in India. You are going to feel the place and trot throughout. So, first look onto yourself. Take long trips one and only if your body stamina is too good to take. Wear comfortable and protective thick clothes for the best and safer ride. Invest good sum of money in buying proper gears and helmets because they are your guards.

Know yourself

Stay hydrated throughout the trip and eat light so that you won’t feel dizziness in between your trip. Avoid spending time in photographs, instead enjoy your ride and involve yourself in it.

Happy Riding henceforth!

Roads are longer than you think. You might find it small in maps but as you ride, they will be really long for you to finish it off. So take frequent breaks. There are so much to explore in a huge country like India. Don’t rush your trip, instead stop and explore, take diversions, break down or have a cup of chai, take rest and ride on again. You are going to have an amazing journey!

We wish you a happy and enjoyable bike ride in India!

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