11 Amazing Things To Do In Thekkady | Plan Your Thekkady Sightseeing Tour

What are the major things to do in Thekkady? How to plan a Thekkady Sightseeing Tour? Learn more about Thekkady and Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary here.

11 Amazing Things To Do In Thekkady

Thekkady, in Kerala, has been abundantly blessed by Mother Nature. Pictures of elephants roaming freely around the lakes of Thekkady, will greet you in any travelogue about Kerala. So much of lush greenery, and pristine nature, that you will instantly fall in love with the place! That’s not all. There are a few offbeat things to do in the nearby areas too, that makes your heart skip a beat. So let us find out what not to miss when you are in Thekkady.

1. Periyar Tiger Trails

Periyar Tiger Trails
Periyar Tiger Trails

A chance to see the majestic prowlers of the jungle in close quarters! Doesn’t that send a chill up your spine? Tiger trails in Thekkady promise you an exciting encounter with the natives of jungle. You go in small groups, accompanied by trained men, all guarded and armed. Even if tigers give you a miss, nothing to worry. There are enough of wild residents, like the Nilgiri langurs, giant squirrels, and sambhar deer, to keep you amused.

2. Boating in Thekkady

Thekkady Boating
Thekkady Boating

One of the not-to-miss things in Thekkady, is boating. Hop on to one of the government operated boats, and glide over the serene waters. The lake is situated in the midst of Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. It is the source of water for the animals of the jungle, and so it is quite common to spot animals along the lakeshore, as you enjoy boating. Elephants and deer, quenching their thirst, or enjoying a siesta on the shores, how lovely to watch without intruding into their space!

3. Nature Walk

Go to this idyllic place in God’s Own Country, and miss a nature walk? No way. There are many trekking trails where you can get close to nature. Walk through the whispering woods and enjoy the sweet smell of wild flowers, in this heaven’s abode. A guide will accompany the trekking groups, who will be trained in identifying the various flora and fauna along the way.

4. Jeep Safari to Gavi

If you are not in favor of long walks, but still want to explore the depths of jungle, jeep safari is for you. Gavi, the picturesque place close to Thekkady, is an offbeat destination. A jeep ride to Gavi will be an unforgettable experience. A bumpy drive along the rugged tracks is needed to reach the place. But the tiny streams, waterfalls, and thick jungle cover all the way, will not let you feel any exhaustion.

5. Bamboo Rafting

Bamboo Rafting
Bamboo Rafting

Bamboo rafting is one on of the most fantastic things to do in Thekkady. This one gives you a chance to explore the waters and forests in the rawest manner. The raft made of bamboo is surely a step closer to nature, but sans the comforts of a motor boat. Tourists are taken to the hinterlands, where there is nothing except nature. You can even try a hand at rowing. But you need to get out of the comfort zone, to enjoy a ride on the hard bamboo seats.

6. Border Hiking

Hardcore trekkers always look for challenging and exciting treks. If you are one of them, you won’t be disappointed in Thekkady. The trek along the Kerala-Tamil Nadu borders will take you to altitudes up to 1300 meters. Walk through the dense jungle cover of Periyar Reserve, and watch the nearby plain lands of Tamil Nadu, from high above. An exhilarating and exhausting trip at the same time!

7. Spice Tour

Spices are the specialty of Kerala. The weather in Thekkady is favorable for growing many spices. A visit to the spice plantations will be a pleasant part of your trip. Cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, every kind of spice is grown in the vicinity. Explore the plantations, enjoying the sweet aroma of fresh spices. A chance to learn where all the taste-makers in your kitchen come from, and how they are grown! You can also indulge in some spice shopping into your list of interesting things to do in Thekkady.

8. Chellarkovil Falls

Chellarkovil is a beautiful place located close to Thekkady. This little-known sleepy hamlet is sandwiched between the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. A marvelous waterfall is the highlight of Chellarkovil. There is also a watch-tower from where you get panoramic view of the entire area. The plains and farmlands of Tamil Nadu stretch for miles before your eyes, and you cannot help feeling on top of the world.

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9. Ramakkalmedu

Another hidden treasure close to Thekkady, Ramakkalmedu, is a place that will enchant you with its virgin charm. This high altitude destination is known for its fierce winds, and picture perfect views. There are a few legends attached to the place. Huge statues of ‘kuravan’ and ‘kurathi’ adorn the hilltop, from where the views are simply superb.

10. Peerumedu

A slight detour from Thekkady will take you to another equally amazing destination, Peerumedu. A pleasant weather throughout the year makes Peerumedu a year-round destination. If Thekkady has thick dense forest, Peerumedu will entice you with its emerald green tea gardens. Apart from tea, Peerumedu is famous for coffee, and cardamom too. A palace which belonged to the Travancore kings is also an attraction of the place.

11. Mangala Devi Temple

This age-old temple is located deep inside the jungles of Thekkady. The presiding deity is said to be very powerful. It opens for worship only once in a year, and on that day worshippers throng the place. The hectic uphill trek is rewarded by the magnificent views of the temple and surroundings. So if you are game for a spiritual trek, mark it in your calendar.

These are some, but not all, of the fabulous places near Thekkady. Like Cumbum Vineyards and Meghamalai are excluded from this article, yet wonderful to explore when you are in Thekkady. Spend a whole week around Thekkady, and you will still feel that you haven’t seen all of it. Such is the magic of nature.

How to plan a Thekkady sightseeing tour?

If you are planning for a Thekkady sightseeing tour, you need to talk to your holiday organizer to make necessary arrangements. Though there are some sightseeing tours in Thekkady, they are not much significant. Your resort or holiday organizer can easily arrange a Thekkady sightseeing tour for you.

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