Top things to do in and around Sabarmati

There was once a great man who said, ‘Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.’ It was none other than Mahatma Gandhi, Father of Nation for all Indians. This man inspired millions all over the world with his simplicity and non-violence. When you get a chance to know more about this great man, wouldn’t you consider it an enrichment for your soul? Sabarmati is one of the noted places to visit in India due to this great person who lived here. For the inquisitive minds, let us list out a few things to do in and around Sabarmati.

Sabarmati Riverfront
Sabarmati Riverfront

Gandhi Ashram: Timings and other details

Located on the banks of Sabarmati River is the ashram which was once the residence of Mahatma. It was the focal point of all action during the days of freedom struggle. Today a trip to the ashram will give you insights into the great sacrifices which led to freedom for India.

Gandhi Ashram or Sbarmati Ashram
Gandhi Ashram or Sbarmati Ashram
  • Sabarmati ashram timings are quiet convenient for travelers. It opens at 8.30 AM and closes at 6.30 PM. So you get the entire day to roam around and be inspired.
  • The place is open for tourists throughout the year, even on public holidays. When you are heading to Sabarmati, don’t worry that holidays might spoil your plans.
  • The building which was the home of Gandhiji and his wife, Kasturba, has been named Hriday Kunj and is the biggest draw for tourists. The room where the great soul lived is nothing short of a shrine for staunch patriots. Some of Gandhiji’s personal belongings are still displayed here. They must have so much to tell, right?
  • The ashram has a museum displaying exhibits related to life of Gandhiji. ‘My life is my message’ gallery will surely force you to some quiet moments of introspection.
  • Getting to know more about charkha, the quintessential symbol of self- reliance, is one of the best things to do in and around Sabarmati. Learn about how Gandhiji used Khadi as the means to teach about independence!
  • Upasana Mandir or prayer hall was the place where Gandhiji used to offer his daily prayers. As Gandhi ashram timings allow visitors to stay till evening, why not spend some quiet moments here as the day draws to a close, meditating in the same place as the Mahatma did?

Other things to do in and around Sabarmati

The distance from Ahmedabad to Sabarmati is just 4 kms. Naturally, when you think of a trip to Sabarmati you would also love to explore Ahmedabad.

Swaminarayan temple

Swaminarayan Temple in Ahmedabad
Swaminarayan Temple in Ahmedabad

A brightly colored temple, Swaminarayan Temple in Ahmedabad is more about splendor than simple charm. The temple has been carved out of Burmese teak and all the windows and arches have been brightly colored. This well maintained temple is a must visit place for those who travel to Ahmedabad. While you are thinking of visiting Sabarmati ashram, take a quiet sojourn to this temple, early in the morning, and enjoy the serenity all around. Sabarmati ashram timings are long enough to permit this detour.

Dada Harir Vav

Dada Harir Vav, Gujarat
Dada Harir Vav, Gujarat

This is an intricately designed, beautiful stepwell located in Ahmedabad. Though the structure does not look quite imposing from ground level, once you step inside, another world opens up before you. The cascading steps go down several stories, creating a spellbinding effect. A visit to this stepwell is one of the things to do in and around Sabarmati, which you must not miss.

Kankaria Lake

Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad
Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad

This one is for those who love some commonplace attractions also apart from history. The lake is one of the largest in Ahmedabad and has everything needed to attract tourists to its fold. The pretty promenade around the lake is ideal for a lazy stroll. The place is mostly crowded during evenings as there are lots of attractions for kids, like toy trains, aquarium and zoo among many others.

How to reach Sabarmati?

The land of Mahatma has to be obviously well established as one of the best places to visit in India. Being close to Ahmedabad, Sabarmati can be easily reached from any place in India, whether by air, rail or road. From Ahmedabad to Sabarmati, a taxi or rickshaw is all you need.

A destination which has carved a place for itself in the history of India, Sabarmati is one place that every Indian should visit at least once in their lifetime. Let’s not forget the struggles of all those who paved the road for a free nation.

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