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How often have you longed to escape from the humdrum of daily life and trot off to some unknown lands? Quite often, you might say. When such a voyage takes you to the lap of nature, surrounded by the simple life of innocent tribal people, would you miss that opportunity? Visit the tourist attractions in Nagaland and you will feel mesmerized by their unblemished beauty.

Nagaland Attractions

Being home to 16 different tribes, getting insights into their rich culture is obviously the highlight of Nagaland tourism. Its remote setting amidst lofty mountains has made Nagaland one of the best places to visit in India. The picturesque destinations, though they have remained in oblivion for a long time, is slowly climbing up the tourist charts.

1. Kohima

Kohima, the Capital of Nagaland
Kohima, the Capital of Nagaland

The capital city Kohima, is the best among tourist places to visit in Nagaland. A place which has given way for modernization without losing its rustic appeal, Kohima is a feast for all eyes. Japfu Peak and Dzukou Valley are the major attractions of Kohima. Dzukou Valley was formed out of the crater of a dormant volcano and is known for its exquisite flowers. Home to Naga and Kulki tribes, the place is ideal for blending with tribal life.

2. Dimapur

Ruins of Dimasa in Dimapur, One of the Major Attractions in Nagaland
Ruins of Dimasa in Dimapur, One of the Major Attractions in Nagaland

This is the place that marks entry into Nagaland. A place with a rich history and abundant natural beauty, Dimapur is one of the best tourist attractions in Nagaland.

  • For history lovers, there is the ruins at Kachari to explore. This site dates back to 10th century and is characterized by mushroom domed pillars. Though some of them have fallen apart, the place has a mysteriously inviting look to it.

  • Diezephe Craft Village is a prominent landmark in Nagaland tourism. This is the best place to dig into some local handicraft and handloom items made of bamboo.

3. Mokokchung

Mokokchung, a major tourist attraction in Nagaland
Mokokchung in Nagaland

A place famous for its rhododendron-dotted pretty hills, Mokokchung is one among Nagaland tourist places that leaves visitors speechless.

  • The place is the home of Ao tribes, who are well known for their hospitality. So be assured that a visit to Mokokchung will give you lots of sweet memories to take home.

  • Ungma village is the go-to place for getting close to the traditions of Ao tribe. Participate in the lively, colorful tribal dances!

  • Longkhum in Mokokchung is known for ethnic handloom products. Ever longed to get hold of some authentic tribal costume? This is the place where you get it.

4. Mon

Mon in Nagaland
Mon in Nagaland

Mon is famed as the land of warriors. Inhabited mostly by Konyak Naga warriors, Mon is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Nagaland. These warriors have tattooed faces and colorful dresses. It is slightly disturbing to know that they used to practice headhunting in olden days! But no cause for worry, this practice has long gone from their lives and today you can travel safely, without any fear of your head being cut off. A visit to the village chief’s house will surely amuse you as the house will be adorned with skulls, no less!

5. Kiphire

The highest peak of Nagaland, Saramati, lies in Kiphire district. This one of the tourist places to visit in Nagaland with spellbinding natural beauty. Due to its high altitude location, this place is noted among Nagaland attractions as the destination for adventure sports. Enjoy hiking through rhododendron forests or try your hand at canoeing or rafting.

6. Kisama for Hornbill Festival

Kisama for Hornbill Festival
Kisama for Hornbill Festival

This can be said to the biggest crowd-puller among tourist attractions in Nagaland. It is a 10 day festival where tribes from the entire state gather at the foothills of Mount Japfu, in Kisama, to display their unique art forms. What started as a local festival has today spiraled into an international event drawing tourists from far and wide. Cultural performances, food courts, crafts market, everything for the cultural tourists. A medley of colors and cultures, this is the best arena for getting to know Nagaland.

Best time to visit Nagaland

Nagaland tourist places are blessed with a pleasant climate almost throughout the year. Summers are mild and bearable. Winter months are the best as the weather will be invitingly cool and you can roam around from dawn to dusk. This is also the time when you get to watch the famous Hornbill Festival. Monsoon months from May to September are not recommended as rains increase chances of natural disasters in the hillocks.

There are some destinations where one visit is not enough to capture the beauty and spirit of the place in entirety. It is not an exaggeration to say that Nagaland is one among such places to visit in India where one trip will leave you craving for more!

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