Our lively planet is unique and vibrant. We love exploring the world and share our travel stories with others. Though we all travel, only a few of us share our travel stories. We have traveled to over 19 countries, initially as employees and currently as footloose travelers. Here’s a collection of our selected travel stories.

Ruins of a church in Dhnushkodi

Dhanushkodi Road Trip – The Day I Touched The End Of Land

Though this blog post is much about my Dhanushkodi road trip experience, here you will also find some of the ...
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Rameswaram Trip: Trivandrum to Rameswaram

Rameswaram Trip: From Monsoons To Windmills | Trivandrum to Rameswaram

Rameswaram Trip: I was on a road trip, a coastal drive to touch the magnificent seaside destination, Rameswaram (Rameshwaram). After ...
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Varkala to Trivandrum on our Rameswaram Journey

A Coastal Journey, from Varkala to Trivandrum – My Rameswaram Trip 3

Varkala to Trivandrum, a road trip: I was in Varkala, as part of my journey to Rameswaram. My dream was to ...
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Varkala Beaches

A Serene Morning In Varkala Beaches – My Rameswaram Trip Day 2

Varkala Beaches: It was as a part of my long journey to Rameswaram, that I set foot on the lovely ...
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Kerala Coastal Road Trip

A Journey Kissed By Rains, My Rameswaram Trip- Day 1 | Kerala Coastal Road Trip

Kerala Coastal Road Trip to Varkala: Some dreams take a long time to materialize, but when they do, they fill ...
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Beaumont Resort Campfire

Win a Free 2 Nights Stay in Kerala’s Resort at Thekkady

Exactly, one lucky subscriber’s family (2 adults and 2 children) will get a free 2 nights stay in Kerala’s Plantation ...
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Dawki among the places to visit in Meghalaya in December

Umngot River, An experience in Dawki Village of Meghalaya

An Experience to Cherish in Dawki Village of Meghalaya Umngot River in Dawki Village, that was all I had in ...
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Inside the floating resort

Floating Resort in India, An Experience at Aquatic Floating Resort in Kochi

Aquatic Floating Resort, Kochi: October of 2017; I was looking for a place to celebrate my daughter’s birthday party. We ...
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Boats anchored to the shores of Chilka Lake

Ferry in Chilka Lake and Sri Jaganath Temple in Malud | Jaunt Monkey Travel Stories

Ferry in Chilka Lake: As the sun glows above the sky and the birds fly beneath the clouds, we boarded ...
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The travel stories included in this blog are only the personal experiences of Jaunt Monkey family members or our close friends. Our travels are to experience the world with all its variations. We surely believe that the best way of learning things is by experiencing it, and travels help us to learn new things in a better way.

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