Turtle on The Beach – A Stay in the Lap of Luxury And Nature

The wise say, a name speaks for itself. So what did the name ‘Turtle on the Beach’ speak to me? Yes, I expected a cozy place, fit for a laid-back holiday, right on the beach. And that was exactly what I got. The elite property located in Kovalam, the beach capital of Kerala, did total justice to my expectations. Let me narrate my wonderful experience in this resort.

Kovalam, the must-visit beach

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Beaches makes one of the biggest attractions in the coastal state of Kerala, and Kovalam ranks number one, among all of them. Located close to Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala, Kovalam is easily accessible for all. Sugary white beaches look exquisite against the backdrop of coconut trees. A day spent in the beaches of Kovalam is bound to be relaxing for your body and invigorating for your mind. You can read more about Kovalam here.

A pleasant resort with pleasing staff

A view from Turtle on the Beach Resort
A view from Turtle on the Beach Resort

It was as part of some personal commitments that I travelled to Trivandrum. I decided to explore Kovalam, and planned to stay in ‘Turtle on the Beach,’ after doing some research. It is located at a distance of 15 kms from Trivandrum Airport. The first word that escaped my lips on entering the premises, was a ‘wow.’ Such is the spectacular beauty of the resort. Located close to the lovely beaches of Kovalam, it looked like my passport to heaven.

Turtle on the Beach Video

The reception was warm, and I started feeling at home. As I climbed to the higher floors in the glass elevator, stunning views of Arabian Sea greeted me. There was greenery all around the resort. Coconut trees were dancing to the tunes of waves and wind, flowers were smiling at me, and the ocean was calling out for me. It was a heavenly experience. The interiors of the resort reflected luxury and opulence. Plush rooms that made my stay memorable!

More facilities

When I explored more of ‘Turtle on the Beach,’ I found that it had everything that a tourist wants. Location is definitely the biggest draw for tourists. Add to it the numerous facilities, and this is one of the best options in Kovalam.

Bed in my Room
Bed in Sea View Room
  • A Sky suite on the top floor was the prized possession of the resort. I would have definitely loved to stay there, to get the fabulous view of oceans, and to feel on top of the world.
  • An ayurvedic center was there, for those who wanted to try out the traditional Kerala style massages. Ayurveda is said to be the best for general well-being.
  • For those who love the western style of relaxation, there was the spa and its accessories. Expert staff were waiting to provide the best services to customers.
  • A gift shop, was there, which had all curios and Kerala handicrafts. I found this very convenient, as one was saved from the hustle and bustle of local markets.

Apart from this, there was a coffee shop, a bar, swimming pools, you name it. The highlight of the resort was surely its location. Any turn you take, you are treated to fabulous views, either of the ocean or of the green cover. I was thoroughly satisfied after my Kovalam trip, and I owe it mostly to ‘Turtle on the Beach.’

Tariff here varies from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 30,000 based on the category of accommodation and the season of your visit. You can contact the hotel guys here for getting a quote.

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